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Private Maths and Chemistry Tutor in Acton

I am a mathematics student at Imperial College London, with a passion for teaching the subjects that I love to study.

Tutoring Experience

I have been teaching other students regularly for years.

I've aided students in school lessons, taught required lessons to groups of 30 (sometimes more) pupils when a teacher has been out or for a large revision session.

As a private tutor:

In 2018:

I taught GCSE Physics, Chemistry and Biology to a student and raised their grade from a 2 to a 6 from January to June.

In 2018/2019:

I taught GCSE Maths (Foundation) and Combined Science (Foundation) this year, earning a student a grade 4, and 4-4 respectively.

I taught GCSE Maths (Foundation) to a student who began at grade 2 and rose to grade 5 beginning three months prior to their exams.

I taught GCSE Combined Science guiding the student to grades 8-8 (from 5-6).

Further, I have been regularly teaching at my previous school in the role of an assistant in the science department, assisting in and running lessons for GCSE students - something which I have enjoyed enormously.

In 2019/2020:

Raised the working grade of an A-Level Maths student from C to A.

Raised the working grade of a GCSE English student from 3 to 6.

Raised the working grade of an A-Level Maths student from B to A.

Worked with a GCSE Maths student to extend his work from 7 to an 8/9.

Tutoring Approach

I focus first and foremost on understanding, not memorisation (this comes later). My style is to teach through asking questions, and this I do not feel is a one way street, the student is also encouraged to probe away in order to reach a conclusion for themselves. I try to teach a student the qualities of, and then to prioritise, deduction and reasoning, something I have found that is becoming ever more important in current exams. I strive to build confidence in a student by securing knowledge and understanding and then frequently applying this to new scenarios, including independent work designed for strong consolidation, and interesting extension. This of course includes inspiring an interest in the subject at hand, attempting to help the student recognise how truly fun learning such useful subjects can be, especially in noticing how they relate to daily life.

LanguagesEnglish (British)
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
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King Edward VI Five Ways School2019CollegeA-Level Mathematics (A*)
King Edward VI Five Ways School2019CollegeA-Level Further Mathematics (A*)
King Edward VI Five Ways School2019CollegeA-Level Chemistry (A*)
King Edward VI Five Ways School2019CollegeA-Level French (A*)
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