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Ka Hei

Ka Hei

Cantonese Tutoring in Lewisham

Everyone tutor is a native Cantonese speaker, but I use a secret key to mastering a language: recordings.
Using this method, I became fluent in Spanish in eight months when I was backpack travelling in South America. The key is to use (effective) recordings, continuous repetition, and be persistent to practice every day.

My name is Ka Hei (Adrian). I grew up in Hong Kong and California, and relocated to London recently.

Are you ready to improve your Cantonese drastically and be able to speak effortlessly?

With my help, you will progress to your goal quickly in months.

Tutoring Experience

> 150+ hours of teaching experience for adult learners since November 2016 <
> Teacher at Chinese Independent School of Tower Hamlets (5-9 years old) <
> Cantonese playgroup teacher (guitar and piano) (2-5 years old) <
> Point Reyes Summer Camp Counselor (California, United States, with 5-17 years old) <

Every students of mine say I am enthusiastic and extremely patient. I overrun every single lesson, which sucks for me, but good for you.

I taught private Cantonese lessons in California while I was going to UC Berkeley. Now in London, I teach Cantonese for different level of learners. One half-Chinese Mom looking to reconnect with her grandparents, one Mandarin speaker who wants to learn Cantonese for pursuing personal interests, and one Mandarin speaker who wishes to extend her Cantonese vocabulary for business uses. I tailor classes according you my students' needs. I write up daily Cantonese conversation, use Cantonese songs, and simulated business telephone conversation as teaching materials. I also developed an effective way for you to master Cantonese tones easily.

My name is Njeri and I’ve been self-studying Cantonese for a year now. I first met Adrian at the Hong Kong student group at UC Berkeley. Though I had only met him once, when I told him I wanted to learn Cantonese, he immediately reached out to me like an old friend! Adrian is a unique teacher because he offers valuable person-to-person language assistance as a well as help on social media. Whenever we message on facebook, we communicate in Cantonese. Adrian is encouraging. In the beginning, despite my limited Cantonese, he would always praise me when I used a new vocabulary word or asked questions. Even today, he constantly cheers me on by writing, “Keep up the good questions! They’re awesome!” followed by a thumbs-up facebook emoji. When I have questions about pronunciation, he sends me a voice recording of the word! He even created a google doc where he added helpful Cantonese vocabulary, dialogues and grammar points. We still add to the doc today. The dialogues helped me to role play conversations in Cantonese that I had to use in real-life at my job. In person, Adrian is incredibly patient and will encourage you to keep speaking Cantonese with him. Whenever Adrian and I hang out, he always speaks Cantonese. Many times, I am too shy and slip into English. However, Adrian keeps saying “唔好講英文,只講中文,好唔好啊!Don’t speak English, only Cantonese, OK!” Even when we go swimming or order food at a restaurant, he pushes me to speak Cantonese. I am glad he never gave up on me even when I’d give up on myself and speak English. Adrian is talented and persistent at recommending multimedia resources that offer fun and enriching Chinese cultural and language knowledge. These days, whenever I get a new facebook message, I can be sure it’s a Cantonese video or a link to a Cantonese blog from Adrian. The videos can be challenging to understand because they are all of native Cantonese speakers. However, the Chinese/English subtitles help me pick up key words. One of my favorite videos explained the origin of Chinese characters and the unique evolution of the Cantonese language in Hong Kong. Another video was a captivating TedEX talk in Hong Kong about Hakkien, a Chinese dialect that is mainly spoken in Fu Zhou, China. The speaker emphasized the uniqueness of Hakkien by comparing certain Hakkien words to Cantonese and Mandarin words. Basically, Adrian is a one in a million language instructor. It’s rare you find a teacher so PATIENT and PASSIONATE. Choose Adrian!

Tutoring Approach

One secret to mastering a language successfully is repetition. I make recording of my lessons for students for speaking practice during the week.

I use fun and interactive ways of teaching. I incorporate real life topics and avoid teaching useless and difficult words. I use travel blogs, video clips on Cantonese/ Hong Kong language, food, culture, and more. I also personally develop teaching materials of Cantonese grammar, syntax, tones, and pronunciation.

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Ka Hei
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