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I'm a 22 year old graduate from Northumbria University, I graduated in summer 2014 with a 2:1 in Geography and Environmental Management. I was mainly interested in Geography because of my interest in the processes of the world. From weather to tectonics, and human migration to urban processes.

I currently work as a Distribution Programme Planner for Northern Gas Networks, utalising high spec planning software and GIS technology. The job has given me a great deal of opportunities to develop my communication skills and be able to organise efficiently. I am happy in the job, however I do intend to begin my Initial Teacher Training within the next year which will lead me into a career in teaching which I feel I have always aspired to.

I attended George Stephenson High School and Sixth Form in Killingworth and achieved 4 A levels, Geography and World Development (Both B), Biology (C) and Chemistry (D). Before that I achieved 10 A*-C grades at GCSE including Maths, English literature and language, Double Science and Geography.

While studying at Northumbria I worked part time at a popular clothing store, taking on leadership/training roles. This gave me a great foundation for my confidence at teaching people and taking on the role of a mentor. I received great feedback for both my mentoring skills and my general customer service, in particular my friendliness and confidence.

I am a confident, outgoing individual who has always been able to work hard and dedicate myself to the subject. I'm happy to discuss any aspect of Geography, even if it's just something you're interested in and want to know more about, and would be more than happy to talk about what Geography was like at university, if it's an option you're considering or if you're just interested in what university was like in general.

Tutoring Experience

During high school I realised I was interested in teaching, so through my A Levels I spent 3 months sitting in my Geography teachers lessons and taking notes about engaging the class and managing to avoid them losing interest in the subject. Since then I have worked on these skills on a small scale, and often held revision classes through A Level and University which were very beneficial for myself and my friends.

At university I also attended lectures aimed at students interested in teaching and tutoring. These were often held by teachers and tutors and provided simple advice on how to become a tutor or teacher and learn about the skills required to be good at it.

Tutoring Approach

I am fully aware and appreciate that everyone learns in different ways and benefits better from a variety of different methods. I have access to a range of different teaching materials including presentations and handouts, past exam papers, revision guides etc.

I also recognise how intimidating one to one tutoring can be, especially if you're not entirely comfortable with the subject. So I always try to keep sessions relaxed and make the pupil feel comfortable. I'm very patient, and am more than happy to explain a subject or concept as many times as necessary, and always welcome as many questions as possible. Whenever I struggled with anything at school I always felt better if I could have a casual chat about the subject, rather than the Q&A style of the classroom where teachers might not have time to answer as many questions as you want to ask.

In terms of exams I have had my fair share of them and I am all too aware of how daunting they can be, so I believe that exam preparation is just as important as subject knowledge, I am happy to offer advice on how to revise for an exam and how to cope with the stress of a busy exam schedule. I can also offer guidance through past examination papers, to gain some familiarity with the layout and processes of exams.

My first session would be free of charge, as I think it would be important to have a chat about the subject, where you feel your weaknesses lie, what you hope to gain from the sessions and to find out a bit more about you. It also gives me a chance to learn about your preferred method of learning and to have a look through your syllabus. It's also a chance to find more out about me, and make sure you would be happy to continue the sessions.

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Northumbria University2014BachelorsGeography and Environmental Management BSc (2:1)
George Stephenson Sixth Form2011CollegeGeography (B) World Development (B) Biology (C) and Chemistry (D)
George Stephenson High School2011School10 GCSEs A* to C including Maths, English, Science, Geography
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