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I am currently a UX Researcher, applying Psychology in a business environment. Previously I taught at University on the various routes of the BSc (Hons) Psychology (standard psychology, forensic, sport, health etc), the MSc conversion course and some advanced statistics for Masters level (forensic and clinical psychology). I was heavily involved in the statistics and research methods modules across these courses, such as taught sessions, labs and workshops. I realise this is an aspect of Psychology that students are often surprised by and find the most challenging - therefore I have developed a range of ways to aim to get key concepts across to students in a way that suits them best. Having struggled with the research methods and statistics components of Psychology myself when I first began studying it, I do truly understand the apprehension surrounding it - but I feel this makes me even better equipped to now pass on skills and knowledge around this area.

With this role came extensive marking so most of my experience of marking is at a University level. However I have done A-Level essay exam marking in Psychology too.

Alongside this role I was also a PhD researcher (specifically in the area of sleep & cognition), which I am still researching alongside my current job. I therefore have plenty of experience to bring with regard to research design and methodology, statistical analysis and interpretation, and structuring work clearly.

I previously worked clinically in Psychology (in both forensic and specialist neuro-rehab), so if students are also keen to pursue Psychology as a career I can offer help with regard to this and bring my experience from various areas of the field.

Tutoring Experience

As mentioned I taught at University level on the BSc Psychology routes, MSc Conversion and MSc courses. I have a lot of experience in the area of research methods which is notoriously difficult for Psychology students. Being a science, Psychology demands research methods and statistical analysis, there's no avoiding it. However it doesn't need to be as scary as people initially think it is. It is so great to see a student understand a concept they previously struggled with and have a "penny drop" moment - and I believe everyone can get there!

I am currently an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy which I achieved whilst teaching at the University of Central Lancashire.

Tutoring Approach

I like to create a relaxed, friendly but focused environment. I realise students all work differently and feel they learn better in certain ways than others - the key is finding the right balance for the individual and creating a positive environment.

Although passing exams is important to progress through education, with regard to progressing in psychology, the most important aspect is applying knowledge and having the confidence to do so. This is what will be included in my teaching - not just "ticking boxes" for an exam or assessment (although this will of course be covered and marking criteria explained), but also nurturing the vital skill of gaining a deeper level of learning, which allows someone to truly grasp a concept and apply their knowledge in various situations. This way students are not, for example, caught off guard by an exam question they didn't anticipate, because they confidently have the knowledge base to apply to whatever is presented to them.

So often at University level we see A-Level students who have been so used to learning information "parrot fashion" and reciting it in an exam, that they are missing the core skill which is required to truly succeed in any subject, not just psychology - deep learning and confidence to apply knowledge. Therefore I am always keen to help instil this drive and motivation in a student.

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University of Central Lancashire2015MastersMSc Forensic Psychology
University of Central Lancashire2014BachelorsBSc Forensic Psychology
Queen Elizabeth's Sixth Form College2011CollegeA Level Law, Psychology, ICT
Queen Elizabeth's Sixth Form College2010CollegeAS Level Fine Art, Critical Thinking, General Studies, Extended Project

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