I have recently graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a first class honours in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.My next academic goal is to complete a PhD in Control Systems at the beginning of the next Academic year (Aug/Sep starting 2018).

On a more personal note, I am a big fan of Golf and have enjoyed the sport a lot and I also like to watch MMA and Boxing. More casually, I like to listen to music, eat out with mates and play games

Tutoring Experience

I have been tutoring on and off for 4 years throughout my university degree which I have found thoroughly enjoyable and have ensured that my students have reached their goals. I have mainly tutored fellow university students in STEM fields most notably, other Engineering disciplines. I have mainly tutored Mathematics since that is usually the main issue that most students have at all levels during both High School and University, but I have also helped with Physics and programming related issues. At certain points in the academic year I found myself engaged in challenging course work (especially in years 3 and 4 of EEE) and would often help fellow classmates regularly.

Additionally, I have experience in tutoring SQA Higher students. A student's Higher and Advanced Higher years are some of their most important as these years lay the fundamental building blocks for being a successful university student. Good habits taught early are incredibly important and can mean the difference between being a successful student or not.

Tutoring Approach

My personal approach to tutoring is to have a conversation with the student first to find out their issues with subjects and to tailor a specific study programme for the student. Once these problems have been addressed comprehensively, a more general approach to the subject matter can be undertaken. Successful tutoring comes from identifying and sourcing problems a student has with their academic work, for example: attention to detail, lack of knowledge, lack of comprehension and study tactics.

Being a successful student is not just about understanding subject material thoroughly, but being able to apply knowledge and work efficiently to guidelines set by your governing academic body. As a result, I also teach exam tactics and revision tactics to get the most efficient type of revision possible.

Lastly, another fundamental part of tutoring that I like to provide is tailored materials to the individual. Numerous times I have written out solutions using a mathematical typesetting language known as LaTeX to give full detail on how to solve problems top to bottom. As a result, I can fill in gaps that many SQA exam solution past paper booklets may leave out/implied or just answer a question in general with full mathematical detail.

LanguagesEnglish (British)
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
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University of Aberdeen2017BachelorsFirst Class Honours in Engineering Electrical and Electronic
Robert Gordon's College2013SchoolBand 1 A in Advanced Higher Mathematics
Robert Gordon's College2013SchoolBand 2 A in Advanced Higher Applied Mathematics: Mechanics
Robert Gordon's College2013SchoolBand 2 A in Advanced Higher Physics

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