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1000+ hours of tutoring experience!!!
Head of Business, IT & Enterprise at a Secondary School.
Assistant Head of Post-16.
A young professional and a qualified teacher for over 9 years.
Having gained Distinctions in both GCSE and A-level Business and a 2:1 in LLB Law from the University of Bradford, I have the ability to teach GCSE and A-level Law and Business Studies. I am determined to promote the principals of Equality and Diversity and hence have achieved NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity 2013 from Somerset College. This course enabled me to understand more about the meaning and importance of equality and diversity, the impact of prejudice and discrimination and employer and individual rights and responsibilities.

I am an enthusiastic, keen and hardworking individual who has the aptitude to fully commit to the demands of becoming a teacher. I believe modesty and honesty are vital characteristics of a teacher, as it will help interact with students better. After my teaching experience and gaining a law degree, I have realised that as a person I am very motivated, determined and dedicated to what I do.

Tutoring Experience

I am currently the Head of Business and Enterprise at Hemsworth Academy. My teaching experience comes from teaching Business Studies and Computer Science at Todmorden High School, Business and Enterprise at Oldham College, Level 3 BTEC Business at Harrogate and Leeds City College to students from the ages of 11 and above. This experience enhanced my employability skills, as well as my enterprise skills. It also gave me immense confidence and a better understanding of managing student behaviour. I have also taught GCSE Urdu at Bingley Grammar School for one year.

I have been a home tutor for 3 years, teaching Maths, English, Science, Business, Economics, Law and Urdu to Undergraduate Students, A-level students, secondary students, as well as primary students.

I taught Business Ethics and Aspects of Civil Liability to a Year 2, Extended Diploma in Business group, which enabled me to work in a very fast pace environment in order to meet the learners expectations. During my time in Leeds College, I was highly commended about my teaching style being unique and having a great sense of humour. I also received great words about my ability to mark assignments, which were always spot on. My practical experience allowed me to gain competence in planning, teaching and learning, and in working with students.

I have completed an induction to work as a sessional tutor in HMYOI Wetherby Secure College of Learning. This has given me an insight of teaching those unfortunate trainees who are unable to live life as they will. This role has been really demanding and gave me immense confidence in how to deal with a number of situations, especially those linked with behavioural issues. I have worked as a supply teacher in various secondary schools around West Yorkshire, which includes supervising work, managing the behaviour of pupils whilst they are undertaking this work to ensure a constructive environment and dealing with any immediate problems or emergencies according to the school’s policies and procedures. This includes teaching BTEC Business Level 3, Applied Business Level 2 and Travel & Tourism in Hanson Academy as a sick cover for over 4 weeks. I have also been teaching Islamic Studies in an Islamic Institution since 2008, which involves teaching students between the ages of 5 - 21 years old. This can be in the shape of a lecture, group discussion and one-to-one teaching. This experience has given me the ability to interact efficiently with many children and made me develop a desire to take this further into the professional field and pursue it as a career.

Tutoring Approach

From a teaching perspective, I am a very creative person and have the confidence to try a range of teaching strategies and approaches. This is to ensure lessons are differentiated for the individual needs of students, in terms of ability, personal learning and thinking styles. My observations in Leeds City College were successful and a key strength that every observer mentioned was that I am very creative and deliver interesting lessons. For example, one time I brought in chocolates to explain branding and packaging. This way, the students remained engaged in the lesson and also enjoyed eating the chocolates. I also have the ability to devise new resources to help my learners. For example, I created a game whilst teaching Creative Product Promotion which had a few twists in it. The students really loved the game that they wanted to play it again the following week.

In Leeds City College, I was able to engage with my learners, inspire them to learn and motivate them to achieve the best results possible. This gave me the ability to embolden my students to achieve the highest grades possible and raise the bar when necessary by setting high targets. For example, I encouraged my learners to attempt the merit and distinction tasks, as I knew they had the potential to achieve higher than a pass, and because I built a good rapport with them, they did as they were told. I have my own car and hence have the ability to travel between Campuses easily. I also have the ability to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends, whether I work on my own or part of a team.

I have a very good level of ICT knowledge and skills and am a competent user of Microsoft Office, internet, interactive whiteboard, PowerPoint, email, etc. I also appreciate the need to maximise the potential of ICT as an aid to learning and have written an article (as part of my PGCE) ‘Integrating ICT into BTEC Business to make lessons more creative’, encouraging tutors and lecturers to make their lessons more creative by using ICT. My creativity allows me to contribute new ideas and help establish them. I always remain positive when faced with setbacks and willingly put extra effort when required. For example, when I was behind in my coursework, I spent extra time and sacrificed some of my hobbies in order to complete it on time.

As I am a young professional myself, full of energy and flexible, I feel I have a lot to offer in terms of teaching and having a positive effect on my potential learners. This can be seen from the fact that I have taught since the age of seventeen and rapidly gained promotion to teach the highest level class. I am able to speak English, Urdu and Punjabi fluently, with a bit of Arabic. These linguistic skills will give me the ability to interact efficiently with many parents, as well as children.

LanguagesEnglish (British), Arabic, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu
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University of Huddersfield2013PGCETeacher Training
University of Bradford2012BachelorsLLB Law
Laisterdyke Business and Enterprise College2009CollegeBusiness, Religious Studies and Sociology
Laisterdyke Business and Enterprise College2007School English, Science and English Literature

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