I'm a recent graduate of the University of Oxford (BA in Philosophy and French) and of University College London (MSc Computer Science). I live in Cambridge.

Tutoring Experience

Since the Autumn term of 2013, I have been tutoring AQA AS- and A-Level Philosophy to small classes of students, largely from Hills Road Sixth Form College. I began the work before leaving for my year abroad, continued it remotely from Paris and in person when I returned for the Christmas, Easter, and Summer vacations, and then in my Final year at Oxford. My Philosophy teacher from Hills Road - Mr Jon Phelan - initially invited me to come to lunch time ‘surgeries’ at the College to help students understand material from the syllabus with which they were struggling. It became clear that my assistance was highly valued at these surgeries, and several students approached me to ask if we could carry out lessons outside of College.

The classes have ranged from one-to-one, to classes of eight. I have taught specific topics in Epistemology, the Philosophy of Science, the Philosophy of Descartes and Aristotle, Ethics, Metaphysics, Logic, the Philosophy of Religion and the Philosophy of Mind. I quickly learned that student-specific learning aids were necessary to guarantee understanding in every student in the class, and spent time producing hand-outs and devising assignments to ensure that each student in the class was up to speed and happy with their grasp of the material. I made sure that each of my lessons was well planned, always factoring in time for inter-topical discussion and questions at the end. Of the fourteen students I taught between Autumn 2013 and Summer 2016, twelve received A* grades in their final exams. I attach an excerpt from a reference written by the head of Philosophy at Hills Road in December 2014:
"Harry teaches small groups of students some topics from: epistemology, metaphysics (mind-body dualism and free will), ethics, Descartes' 'Meditations', non-physicalist philosophies of mind and scepticism. He also taught some propositional and predicate logic (which ordinarily you only learn in the first year of a philosophy undergraduate course) and the Liar and Sorites paradoxes (which ordinarily are only taught in the second or third years in certain difficult modules of some philosophy undergraduate courses). These sessions were gratefully received and Harry proved to be a patient, thorough and enthusiastic teacher. He succeeded in explaining the distinction between primary and secondary qualities in Descartes where I had failed with one individual. In sum, the students profited greatly from Harry's supplementing their education in this way and I would unreservedly recommend him to you as a philosophy tutor." (Jon Phelan, December 2014).

I have a great deal of experience assisting students with Oxbridge entrance examinations for both Philosophy and French, having helped over 10 students in this area.

I have given intensive one-to-one sessions to 9 undergraduate Philosophy students, all of which went on to receive either 2:1s or Firsts in their Finals.

I have taught French grammar, French writing, and French conversation to AS- and A-level students since 2014. The language classes at Oxford in conjunction with my year abroad in Paris have made me fluent in French, with significant knowledge of grammatical nuances of the French language. My degree also gave me a wealth of knowledge of French literature; studying texts ranging from Michel de Montaigne in the 16th century, right through to Samuel Beckett and Albert Camus in the 20th.

Tutoring Approach

I create lesson plans, handouts, discussion points and assignments well in advance of the lesson, and ensure that each and every student understands the relevant material by the end of the lesson. I remain contactable, free of charge, by email and mobile between classes should any student have any questions.

LanguagesEnglish (British), French
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