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A-Level £13.00


Hourly Rate
A-Level £13.00

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Vivace,Hemiola,Jazz,Melismatic,Soulful,Virtuoso& s Tierce de Picardie… I believe these are all positive aspects of musical vocabulary to express me and my high personal interest in music.As a student of music,I believe that it is essential to have the theoretical and practical elements of music. Music to me is a passionate,life-longing subject to study as it involves many other subjects. 'Der Doppelganger' by Schubert includes aspects of Psychology,German,Maths,Art & History.Like any other novice I had always thought the theoretical side of music was less interesting,whereas now I find that there is more and more to learn within the musical sphere.Words such as:- tessiatura,alberti bass,basso continuo & false relation have sparked my interest to explore all areas of music.I feel that historic music forms the fundamental fabric of our music today.Music is current,relevant,passionate and a powerful persuader in our present day.I am attracted mostly to the art and to the background ideas of music and these are ever-changing;there are NO assurances. Hence my increasing interest in studying music at degree level.I enjoy researching old and new music and I feel I have acquired the skills necessary to apply this to many musical examples.In completing a music degree,I hope to gain more skills in order to enhance others interest in music as I dream to become a music teacher.

Tutoring Experience:

I have taught a numerous amount of child… which age from 9 to 12… As a youngster myself… i understand the needs of youth… so please do not be afraid to contact me people up to 18. Not only do i have teaching experience of teaching secondary pupils within school… I am also an aspiring artist, who has played around the region… I have always taken an active part in activities in and outside of school I participated in the senior choir excursion to St, Philip's and Holy Trinity Church and in concerts within school as I can sing as well as play.I have helped to teach and support younger students in music and drama lessons(by producing programme music)which enhanced my teaching skills and confidence.I have also been in concerts as a solo performer such as 'Hits from the Musicals 06,07,08 which shows I can work independently as well as a team.I have also created music for different shows including some of the ones I have performed in which shows I am a creative person.I am a very proficient and extrovert person who always surpasses potential,whether in musical performance or other circumstances.I am considered a helpful person and I take pride in my work and what I do.I have also been part of the senior band for 2 years and in year 8, I was part of the junior band which shows my development from 13 to 15 years of age.In addition to this,I have contributed to the outings outside of school with a choir(music section as well as singing),which is based at “Church of God of Property”(C.O.G.O.P) in Mansfield which shows I have commitment and good time-management.The choir is asked to do a number of events such as:- performing at different gospel concerts,conventions,birthdays and even wedding events which shows we are of great enthusiasm and excellence.I am also part of a dance group called T.O.L.D.Within this group we have performed at the Stamping Ground 06,07,08, Episodes 06,07,09,Showcase 02,06,07,08 as a soloist and group act which shows I can balance 2 things at once and we are aiming to go to Barcelona for a competition in April 2009. The choir, like the dance group,have also performed at a Shadings(B.M.E club) event celebrating Black History Month in October.I have gained a lot from these experiences such as teamwork,communication and creativity skills.My spare time hobbies or interests include playing basketball,football,badminton,playing piano and drums,creating my own music,writing and producing songs,reading books,listening to music and drawing.

Tutoring Approach:

I am very approachable when it comes to teaching… I am not the person to sit down and read music… however… if wanting to become a session artist… it is about picking up things by ear… which people would think is easy… but believe me it isnt! I can also help to develop chords, scales, also musical history of which i am studying at the present moment. I can also try to help with coursework(not do it for you of course) but help you along.

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Availability: Weekends
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  • I have my grade 5 theory which is last theory test before doing orchestration in 6.7 and 8
  • I also have grade 6 in piano... I mostly have a passion for jazz though... So I love my chord progressions and Scales

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