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I am currently in the final year of my PhD, at the University of Southampton. My research project focuses around all things biology: bacteria, the issues of antibiotic resistance, and what we can do to try and help.

I graduated from the University of Birmingham in the summer of 2016 after having completed a BSc in Biological Sciences, specialising in Genetics. I achieved a First Class Honours, and was also awarded the John Jinks Prize for being the student with the highest marks in the areas of genetics and/or molecular sciences.

I love science now, but I haven’'t always. Sadly, when I was at school I didn’'t feel the sciences were taught in a way that did the subjects any justice. After taking Biology at A-Level I had a completely different experience. Every lesson blew my mind and left me genuinely looking forward to the next lesson. It saddened me that looking back on my time at GCSE so many fellow students may have been put off to the point of not continuing their scientific journey, and as a result would never know all the fascinating things which science offers. It is partly for this reason that tutoring excites me. I feel I have all of the contagious passion for science, particularly biology, which helps grab the students’' interest, and as a result, their understanding.

I have never been, by any stretch of the imagination, the cleverest student at any point throughout my education. The reason I have achieved what I have, has been through hard work alone. If there is one thing I hope to pass onto any future student, it is that hard work will take you wherever you want to go, and help you to succeed in what you want to do. I hope to be able to share techniques I have used over the years to self-motivate and hit those results goals.

Tutoring Experience

I have in the past helped friends and peers with understanding difficult concepts, especially during my time at college and university. Tutoring is a new experience for me too, so I’'m hoping myself and the students can grow together.

Tutoring Approach

I believe every student is different, and will therefore learn differently. I think it is important to take the time to understand exactly what the student wishes to get out of the tutoring sessions, so that action can be taken accordingly. Largely, I believe working through the course material, slowly, and with the aid of drawings and diagrams is the first step. This should then be solidified through practice papers, done over and over again until the student has a strong grasp of what exam markers are looking for in the answers - there are usually many patterns! On the other hand perhaps the student is already doing well, but just needs a little extra one-on-one time, or tips on how to revise well and effectively. Whatever it is, I can help.

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Thornden Secondary School2011School11 GCSEs (A*-A)
Peter Symonds College2013CollegeBiology A Level (A)
Peter Symonds College2013CollegeChemistry A Level (B)
University of Birmingham 2016BachelorsBSc Biology (Genetics) (1st Class)
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