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2100+ hours experience.
70+ testimonials.
16 current students.
300+ hours online experience.
Full-time specialist maths tutor.
1st class scholarship graduate.
Consistently in high demand.

Please list all your availability in the first message so I can give the best possible time for your schedule!
Term rate: £80/hour
Summer rate: £60/hour

I have a consistent record helping students gain acceptance into London's most prestigious schools through the 7+, 8+, 9+, 10+, 11+ or 13+ entrance exams, as well as routinely exceeding expectations by unlocking students potential for A* grades from Primary to GCSE level.

I have earned a reputation not only for outstanding results, but also for inspiring a long-term love of learning in my students. These are reflected by an abundance of testimonials, available to read below, that validate results and a positive change in attitude towards Maths.

I am kept very busy by referrals, as my tutoring families regularly recommend me to their colleagues and friends. As such, please accept my apologies if I'm a little slow to reply during busy periods. I always write back as soon as I can.

1st in Engineering from the University of Western Australia as a scholarship student
Also received academic scholarships for exchanges to New York University and University of Sydney.

Hobbies & Interests:
Music (Singing, Guitar, Piano), Sports (Gymnastics, Football, Surfing), Drawing, Cooking, Reading.

Tutoring Experience

“My son connected with him from day one. Our son was at a very low ebb with his Maths, and Daniel stepped in and made real progress. From the first lesson, Daniel helped him to find the gaps in his knowledge and was able to get him to feel that he really understood. They worked together on anything that was challenging, and Daniel made such a difference. I think Daniel is an excellent teacher and we feel that our son has benefited enormously.” – S D, mother (GCSE)

“The kids are very happy with your tutoring and so am I. They tell me that your lessons are excellent, and really building their confidence. We have put our faith in you Daniel. For the first time, our daughter has started to achieve top grades. We’ve also noticed other positive changes; she’s a lot more sociable now too.” – T K, father (GCSE and KS3)

“You’ve got a real talent: I can see that the you communicate with my son is really special; you get down to his level, you make friends, and you really connect.” L H, father (Year 3)

"I can see that you've already made immense progress in the areas where our son is struggling. I'm really impressed with how much more easily he's working things out now. I tried and couldn't help him like you have!" - S W, father (11+)

“Daniel had a broad brief of inspiring my daughter to get excited by maths. He achieved this brilliantly with charm and enthusiasm. Daniel is inspiring, cool and effective.” – T S, mother (Year 8)

“You’ve made it so much clearer; I thought I was never going to get this. I actually understand it all now!” – B S, student (8+)

“Daniel is full of energy and full of life. It is infectious! He can explain some very complex maths by chopping the material down into much more concise ideas. Entire double page spreads are condensed into an equation and a couple of bullet points. My daughter tells me that concepts that seemed complicated now seem easy, and that working with Daniel has saved her hours of struggling with revision. And if she’s interested in a particular idea, he is fully able to expand beyond the syllabus too! He is a real genius, and the house brightens up each time with his presence!” – V N, mother (GCSE)

“I wish I could live with you so that we could have a lesson every day” – T A, student (Year 3)

“I got an offer for Westminster! I’m super happy. Thank you!” – A H, student (8+)

“Daniel has been a great tutor and a distinguished role model for my son. He has been talking about his ‘smart teacher’ ever since. He has the gift of teaching with fun and games. Thank you Daniel” – A O, mother (Year 1)

“You are by far our favourite tutor – and there have been many! I am so grateful to you for turning our son’s maths around and giving him a true understanding of what he is doing – fantastic that you were able to achieve this.” – C S, mother (Year 3)

“I can see a dramatic improvement. She’s so much more focused, and her work is so much better.” – K M, mother (Year 4)

“C got 3A*s so she was delighted, as were we. She did particularly well in statistics. Thank you very much for your contribution to that which boosted her confidence. Very positive feedback from us. C enjoyed her sessions with you and could quite see why you are so acclaimed.” – J F, mother (GCSE)

“I showed E’s teacher what she’s been learning with you. She was really impressed; she says they’re nowhere near that in school. E is way ahead of the class. She’s doing so much better this year thanks to you Daniel.” – A B, mother (11+)

“The results have been excellent. Both girls got straight As. G got a spectacular 100% in the exam! She was shocked because she didn’t even think she was that good at it. Thank you for all your help.” – C H, mother (7+)

“My son can’t stop talking about you. He tells us all about the games you played, we can't believe he likes maths games!” – A O, mother (Year 2)

“Our son is very motivated and it’s the first time I’ve seen him 'wanting' to do well. Very much due to your lessons!” – N W, mother (13+)

“My daughter tells me that you’re a super genius – brilliant at maths, music, everything. I know that she will do well with you looking after her.” – S A, father (GCSE)

“Daniel scored quite a coup when he had our son teaching his own maths class a method that the school teacher hadn’t been able to teach them. Now A’s whole class understands thanks to Daniel's method!” – W M, father (Year 5)

“C has come out top of the set in the majority of our assessments this term. I think her confidence is now far higher.” – A A, C’s school maths teacher (11+)

“We had been through countless tutors with my nephew and none of them could build up the relationship. But Daniel was different it’s not easy to find a tutor of such high standard and character.” – A S, uncle (Year 4)

“You were amazingly helpful to my son when you were tutoring him – you transformed his confidence in the subject and himself.” – E A, mother (GCSE)

“It’s so much clearer with Daniel than when we cover it in school” – A H, student (Year 7)

“My son was so excited after the lesson, telling me about your discussions with him which he found amazing.” – C C, mother (Year 8)

“I was over the moon with my results. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your help” – M R, student (7+)

“Thanks to you (somehow!) my daughter managed to get A* A* in her maths, so you were right.” and “Your explanations are absolutely worth it. You have rescued my daughter’s confidence.” – R V, mother (GCSE)

“Our son did fantastically in the maths paper that Daniel helped him with, and a high A overall. Daniel's help was marvellous. J had missed so much revision time having had flu at Easter, he would never have fitted it all in, but Daniel made everything so simple.” – R M, mother (Year 6)

“Thank you again – I doubt you will get a clearer 'before and after' demonstration of the impact you can have! In our view it is not just the quality of the teaching you delivered, but it is also the success in motivating our son to engage!” – M T, father (GCSE)

“Daniel was an enthusiastic and lively tutor professional in all respects. I enjoyed his sessions and, importantly, I got my A!” – R K, student (Year 8)

“We just heard yesterday that H got into Latymer! We are so delighted.” – C M, mother (7+)

“Great news! G got the A! As you taught her the paper, we want to say a big thank you!” – C W, mother (GCSE)

“M got her A* in Maths so will be doing Maths A level next year. We’re both thrilled and wanted to thank you again for all the help you gave her.” – A D, mother (GCSE)

“Thank you for all your hard work. Our daughter set off for her penultimate A Level this morning saying she had never felt better prepared for a Maths exam and hoping that she would get the chance to show off her understanding of the subject. Going into an exam as well prepared and confident as that is certainly a great achievement!” – S H, mother (GCSE)

“I got an A in maths!” – T F, student predicted a C grade at GCSE (GCSE)

“We’ve had several other tutors and we just cannot find anyone as good as Daniel” – A B, mother (11+)

“May I take this opportunity to say how much G is enjoying your lessons (a real first, in terms of her Maths!) “ – C P, mother (GCSE)

“My daughter moved up a maths group thanks to you you’ve achieved amazing results! And the best thing of all is that our daughter is enjoying her sessions with you! You’ve obviously formed a really strong link with her. When we were on holiday, she would keep seeing interesting things and saying “oh, Daniel would like to see this”.” – C B, mother (11+)

“Well it would seem that you have been vested with some sort of guru status. Our daughter did so well on her Maths that she exceeded average and banked an A*. All of us couldn’t be happier” – A M, father (GCSE)

“I actually got an A in Maths! I can’t believe it! Thank you for all your help.” – F C, student predicted a D grade at GCSE (GCSE)

“I like the trick you taught me for my times tables Daniel it’s made me the best in my class.” – C S, student (Year 2)

“Daniel has been the most understanding and considerate tutor imaginable. Our daughter has been trying to get back to school after being very unwell, and he has shown great sympathy but also positive encouragement when she has been able to study. He has worked her hard when she has been well enough but has given her easier sessions when necessary. He has been punctual, with excellent communication and well prepared to the sessions. I am hoping to use him more in the future and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.” – C W, mother (GCSE)

“What’s important is that my son really likes you, and it’s great that he has a mentor that he can look up to, and who he can talk to about what he’s interested in.” – A O, mother (Year 9)

“Many thanks for all your help Daniel. Our son has thrived under your tuition and we are very grateful.” – A V, father (Year 3)

“My son says that if only he’d had you before, it would all have been so much easier. He says you’re a very good teacher.” – K C, mother (GCSE)

“Thank you so much for all your help building up to the exams. Your tutorial sessions exceeded my expectations and were very helpful!” – I C, student (GCSE)

“I got the top mark in my class in Maths. I beat loads of people in the set above me too!” – T A, student (GCSE)

“Hey, Daniel we learnt about magnets in school today my teacher couldn’t believe how much I knew. Some of the things I told him, he didn’t even know about!” and “Hey Daniel, I got the highest mark in my class this year!” – C B, student (11+)

“I find it all really easy now, since Daniel explained it to me!” A P, student (GCSE)

“J scored third highest in the year. ALL down to you!” – C A, mother (GCSE)

“I started out very confused, and now I’m not confused at all. Thank you so much Daniel.” – N H, student (13+)

“My son is always showing off about all the interesting things that you’ve taught him.” – C S, mother (Year 8)

“We are very pleased with your professional, approachable and accommodating teaching style. There is no doubt in my mind that you have an infectious enthusiasm for your subject, which you are able to share with my daughter.” – M L, mother (Year 9 Maths)

“It’s been a lot of fun being taught by such a genius.” – N V, student (Year 5)

“Daniel is a very popular man!” “Daniel is our prize maths tutor.” “We haven’t managed to make any clones of Daniel yet!” “Daniel is an exceptional tutor!” – various London tutoring agencies.

Tutoring Approach

As a maths tutor, I animate and energise every area of study, especially those areas that a student has previously considered dull and disinteresting. I always promote the most thorough understanding and spirit of inquiry, and through the unique interests of the individual, I build long-lasting connections with the most fascinating areas of each subject, forming a firm foundation to ensure that my students are able to excel well beyond my time with them. My belief is that the key to long term academic success is in encouraging a genuine curiosity which expands well beyond the limitations of government syllabi, paving the way for study and understanding at the highest level.

My goal with tutoring is to catalyse independence, not dependence as most tutors do, by showing students their own potential. I know from experience that every individual has the potential to achieve great things, and I love to help my students to strengthen their sense of self worth, and travel on a trajectory towards leaving a positive mark on the world.

I'm a young, dynamic, relatable and enthusiastic tutor that loves to teach and gets a great sense of pride from my students success. I am intuitive, patient and affable with every student, regardless of background. I get along with kids and students often can’t wait for their next lesson! I always endeavour to be the best tutor I can be and provide the best results for my students.

When getting in touch please list all your availability and elaborate on what you are looking for with tuition.

LanguagesEnglish (British)
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
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Sacred Heart College2010SchoolWACE (Australian)
University of Western Australia2014BachelorsBsc in Engineering Science

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