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Music Tuition in Edmonton

My name is Johnny Debreczy. I have been dealing with music since my age of fourteen, and by fifteen I decided to take up guitar/music as my professional career. I began my musical studies at Hang-szín-tér Music College, in Hungary. Here, I got introduced to other genres of music such as Jazz, Blues Folk, Classical, and by having the passion to become as good as I can be, I earned ”The Best musician of the year” award in 2011 college year. Soon, I started to write my own materials and formed my first band, Célpont. The band constantly toured around Hungary which gave me good professional live experience. After finishing the college at Hangszíntér, I obtained an N/SVQ Level 3 equivalent qualified jazz musician certificate, in which I received a distinction in both Music theory and professional practice. I continued to play at gigs with a function band called Smoking blues band, performed Jazz with several formations, and joined a Rock band called, Leaner. I spent hours and hours in studios, recording/producing my own materials as well as partipicating in other projects. I also began to teach in private lessons. In 2013, I moved to England to study in Guildford, at the Academy Of Contemporary Music (ACM). Here I studied with Carl Orr, Giorgio Serci, Jon Bishop, Nat Martin, Nicholas Meier, and many guitar professionals who were also mentoring and helping me in a professional level. In 2014 I formed my band Missmaze, an Alternative rock trio in which me being the main songwriter and singer. The band is currently working on a single to record and release in December, 2017.

Tutoring Experience

I have been studying music (Academic level) and playing guitar on stage for the last 11 years and have been enriching and improving the lives of both young and adult people in the United Kingdom through music for the last 4 years. I was working as a guitar tutor for Minerva Academy, Oakleaf (teaching people with mental health issues), and I'm currently working for Hunter's Harmony, Beaufort music schools and privately. I also experienced nursery sessions and taught children for Ukulele, as well as successfully helped many of my personal students to achieve great results in grades. With a high level of stylistic awareness I'm open to performing any genre of music: from blues/jazz to rock/hard/prog-rock/rock'n'roll/funk/soul, r'n'b/reggae - with thorough knowledge of music theory and jazz improvisation approach - along with elements of Latin, or even electronic music. Acoustic, Electric are all able to be taught. I also have understanding in Sight reading, Ear Training, Songwriting, Lyrics writing, Harmony and Improvisation. All age and skill levels are welcome. Personal development and philosophical discussions with a cup of tea included!

Tutoring Approach

Over the past year I have taught and observed both children and adults in many key stages, at a number of private and public schools and colleges; with the intention of gaining experience in an educational setting before I would start to teach. During the time I have spent as a part time music teacher, I have tried to learn as much as possible about all aspects of the educational and teaching process. I have consistantly sought the advice of more experienced colleagues in order to improve my teaching and have learnt how to organise a classroom, use resources and manage time effectively. I have produced my own lesson plans and adapted and improved them based on the feedback given to me by senior members of staff. I recognize the importance of varying teaching styles and content and have used a variety of VAK approaches and activities in my lessons, for example getting students to sing the melody I teach in order to help them memorize it. I believe I am empathetic to all the students I teach. I think it is important to recognize the students one teaches as individuals and respond to their individual needs-and I have done this during the time I have spent teaching. A student of mine was very nervious about a performance that he had to give in front of a large audience and concerned that he wouldn’t be able to memorize the piece due to its length. I was able to both reassure him and breakdown the piece into more manigable chunks that could be memorized more easily and with my help he was able to perform the piece successfully.

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Hangszíntér Secondary Vocational School of Art, Elementary Arts2012CollegeGCE Advanced
Hangszíntér Secondary Vocational School of Art, Elementary Arts2013OtherN/SVQ Level 3 Standard Professional Jazz musician Qualification
The Academy of Contemporary Music2015BachelorsProfessional Performance Degree (Guitar)
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