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Hi, thanks for taking a look at my profile.

Unfortunately, because the writing of my PhD thesis is at a late and critical stage I will not be teaching new students until November 2018. This date is not written in stone. However, it is pretty unlikely that I shall be ready to resume coaching work until that time.

Last Year's Info which may still have some relevance

Also note...
Important policy change! If your young one or you, the student, is/are one who is not prepared to be coached and trained as our Olympic athletes are - and by this I mean that the performer puts themselves in the hands of the coach and doesn't try to tell them how to do the job - then please do not get in touch: simply pass on to another tutor somewhere else on this site.

And now The Pitch!

I offer an exceptionally high level of expertise as a history, politics (and English) teacher, teacher of essay writing, exam writing and exam taking. This is based on well over two decades of experience in schools and in homes. Though I have been teaching a long time, I am continually striving to improve the quality of my work, constantly analyzing the effect of my advice on performance and trying to perfect the art and craft of the job.

When not tutoring, most of my time is spent working (hard!) as a student too! I am just about to begin the fourth year of my PhD, supervised by the renowned historian Professor Tony Collins of De Montfort University, Leicester, undertaking research in 20th century British history. (Rugby fans might like to note at this point that Tony is the number one rugby historian - of all codes - in the world. All his books are very well worth reading.)

I am [hem-hem] exceptionally well qualified. I have an MA (2011) in History and am now two years into my doctoral studies. I have written fiction and non-fiction. I have had experience in being an A level marker with an exam board. I have had long experience in teaching and preparing whole History & Govnt. & Politics year groups for A level, producing outstanding results.

I take on all types of students. Some need a lot of training, some need to be dragged away from a collision-course with failure, some need finessing, some need waking up, some need inspiring, some need a boost in confidence; some need more intellectual stimulation; all can and do improve their writing.

My chief strengths are: 1. I know how to teach students to write. 2. I know how to prepare them for exams. 3. My methods are clear, simple and work beautifully. 4. I care very much about the progression of my students. 5. I treat my work with them with the utmost seriousness. 6. But I'm a human being with a sense of humour! 7. I am very, very experienced. 8. As a parent of three children who have gone through the school and university experience, I understand what both the student and the parent is going through.

I am very happy to work with students online. I have found it to work extremely well.

More on my current research project...
I am currently working on doctoral research into the BBC, sport and social class, 1922-64, with Tony Collins at De Montfort University, Leicester. He is the director of DMU's International Centre for Sports History & Culture, a department of world renown, and the leading British powerhouse of sports history. I am very proud to be working with Tony and within the department. Undergrad students should note that I am working under one of the world's best historians, a 3-time winner of the prestigious Aberdare Prize for Sports Books.

Becoming a student again, beginning with the masters degree course at De Montfort University in 2010 has really helped my teaching. As well as keeping on top of developments in academic history. I am much better read! I know more! It has also taken me right back in touch with what it feels like to be a student and all that follows from that. It has also enabled me to extend my tutoring potential to undergraduates and masters students.

I'm happily married with 3 children fully grown (It's only their father's who's lagging behind).

Tutoring Experience

I taught for 24 years in secondary schools in Bromley, Kent and Derbyshire where I now live. History was my specialism but I was head of Politics for a number of years in the last part of my school career. I also taught Geography, Economics, English and R.E.

Since starting to tutor in 2009 I have taught History, Government & Politics, AS Economics and English (including basic literacy skills to a young person with dyslexia).

I have taught a wide range of topics within French, German, Russian and British history. The list includes the usual suspects: causes of World Wars 1 and 2, Hitler and the Third Reich, the French Revolution (and its causes) and Napoleon; also Tsarist Russia, the Russian revolution and Stalin as well as the European Reformation, France in the 16th century, Louis XIV and aspects of Irish and Chinese history and 19th century France, plus 20th century USA. politics (Boom and Bust, New Deal and Post-War Boom, and also the Witchcraft Persecution in Europe (1550-1680).

In terms of British history I am very much up to speed with all aspects of its 20th century political history (high politics, parties, electoral history, social history & economic history, right through to the 21st century, in fact); I have also taught most aspects of 19th history, social, economic and political. For the last decade and a half of my school-teaching career I taught the A level course in 16th and 17th century - The Tudors, James I, Charles I, Causes of the English Civil War, Charles II, James II & the Glorious Revolution, the reigns of William & Mary & Queen Anne.

I have recently added 19th century British politics (Reform Bill through Peel, Palmerston, Disraeli and Gladstone to Salisbury) and Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe to my "roster" of topics.

My work with sources as PhD student - I spent a fair amount of time at the British Library in London & the BBC Written Archive at Caversham - has really improved my teaching of exam papers and coursework assignments that deal in historical source material.

My PhD studies continue to advance my position as some kind of "expert" in 20th Century British History.

I have worked with students on exam preparation, coursework planning and execution and essay writing techniques, and have again this year of 2016. Students seems to be very happy with the progress they make while working on coursework, their marks rising often beyond their expectations and those of their teacher.

Tutoring Approach

NOTE: Prices quoted are for lessons of 75 minutes' length. If lessons run on for longer, and they often do, no extra charge is due.

I thoroughly enjoy one-to-one tutoring. My approach to tutoring begins and ends with the drive to be successful. If I did not improve students, help them to achieve the grades they want or need I would not be writing this. I offer very clear advice and guidance which has proved over and over again to be successful, sympathetic, empathetic, adaptable, and when needs be, firm. I make myself available to students via email and text in between lessons. We use this method of communication a lot.

I believe in giving value for money.

It's quite hard to write about methods without starting to write a book. It's also hard to do without immediately mentioning one of the most important parts of my "offer" (I don't much like that word but there, I've used it). As a schoolteacher I developed a unique but simple method of essay planning and writing that achieved stunning results. So successful has it been over 20 years that I am astonished that no one else seems to have to discovered it. But in my experience up to February 2013 no teacher has. Essay writing is still something that many, many students find difficult and confusing. It really does not have to be this way.

Obviously content issues are hugely important and here I rely on my communications skills which have yet to let me down! I find myself to be adaptable to different types of students. I am able to adapt my language and my technique to fit the situation. I also am somewhat stubborn in that I never give up on solving a problem. If we have to go over time, so be it!

Finally, some more of my personal philosophies of teaching. I believe that students generally do not achieve their potential. With each student I aim to take them to standards (and grades) they did not think we're possible. Without exception I push, push and push until we run out of time as we always, inevitably do.

I also do not believe that there is any such thing as a "lost cause". Much can be achieved in a very short space of time. I have seen this happen over and over again.

There is much more to be said but that, I hope, will do for now.


LanguagesEnglish (British)
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
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De Montfort University2011MastersMaster of Arts (SportsHistory & Culture)
Christchurch College. Canterbury1981PGCESecondary level History and English
Leeds University1979BachelorsBA in History
Goffs School. Cheshunt1975SchoolA levels in History, English and Politics/economics

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