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Oxford Reach Scholar ( Only 2-3 undergraduates are awarded per year)

Availability for face to face tutorial: 25/09-30/10, 4/12-14/01, 12/03-22/04, 18/06-30/07).
Availability for online tutorial: All year.
I have a strong interest in maths and sciences and enjoy intellectual discussion around my interested subjects and I always seek to push my limit. I am a hardworking and responsible person with an open mind. I also have a proactive, motivational nature and enjoy challenging processes in order to drive improvement. I enjoy working in a team but I am also capable of working independently to achieve set goals.

My achievements:

Worked as researcher at Open University in 2014 in a chemical research project.
Entrepreneur: Build successful risk-free fashion company in Vietnam
Prize Winner for Mathematics and chemistry.
Jim Pattison Award for mathematics.
An active member of NKTP Global organisation: promotes support for international students. I am also an English mentor.
Application engineer for Talisman energy project.

Tutoring Experience

The teaching of maths and science in large classes can leave students feeling dejected, uninterested and even unable often sapping their confidence. Through my tutoring, I aim to rebuild this confidence and unlock each student's true potential. Together we can fill gaps in understanding, consolidate material, get ahead of the syllabus and ultimately strive towards better grades. I would do this by truly encouraging you to develop an organic interest in the subject. I can offer self-help and study skills that will help you to identify your desires (targets) and a plan that help you to achieve them. I promise this will not only benefit your academic development but also will help you to develop in an outstanding way compare to your peers. Students often don't have a clear goal for their subjects and if they do, the lack of long-term motivation would cease their motion towards the aims. Together with my self-help knowledge and the experience I have from overcoming challenges both in life and during my study, I can be your mentor. I will try my best to ensure you don't run out of motivation and enthusiasm. Believe me, I had care responsibilities, language barriers (doing 5 subjects in a language that I could barely speak) and still turned out with 4A*, 5As, and was chosen in 1000 UK students to participate cutting edge STEM research through Nuffield Bursary Scheme at the Open University in summer 2014. My story was also reported in the Telegraph and I hope it would be inspirational to people who are working really hard to change their life despite having a disadvantaged background.
For those looking to achieve the top grades, I can offer my experience in fine-tuning exam technique, as well as give insight and tutoring into more advanced subjects (Further Maths) or simply broaden your logical thinking skills through doing puzzling Olympiad and STEP questions. I can also offer personal and informative preparatory advice for those students applying to Oxbridge.
With nearly 2 years of teaching experience in maths and sciences, I helped various students at many academic levels in my school as a teaching assistant. I am confident that I can offer you tailored quality teaching, training, and support towards your personal development. I have training in dealing with students who have concentration problems (space-learning).
Specialist : Alevel- Edexcel ( Maths, Further maths, physics). OCR( Chemistry),
IGCSE- Cambridge.
Don't worry if your exam board doesn't fit my specialisms, I always take time to familiarise myself with the new syllabus to deliver quality teaching.

If you are interested in tuition, please let me know what exam board your subject is and what do you expect from my tuition.

Tutoring Approach

Most students who seek for private tuition are normally not so independent and most of the private tuitions help them to become more exam-focus and increasingly dependent on private tuition. This would mean you will develop a constant demand on private tuition throughout your academic development whether you are at KS3, GCSE or A-level and even at university. My aim is to train you to become an independent learner with studying skills, self-help skills and researching skills to tackle any problem you may face in academia, work and life. Here is how I would achieve my aim:
Establish appropriate tutorial approach for specific you ( Normally I follow Oxford styled tutorial to build your confidence)
Establish an understanding of your needs. Analysis of your behaviours and your approach towards your study and the changes that you need to make.
Structural planning to help you achieve your own target under an effectively managed schedule.
Enrol you in my 4 stage programme to gradually train you with set skills to tackle any academic problem you may have.
Motivation analysis to help you following your own plan.
Homework will be given to inspire and help you develop your organic interest into the subject.
Encourage exploring the subject beyond current school syllabus to prepare for your decision on future career development at the early stage.

LanguagesVietnamese, English (British)
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (evenings)
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Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School2015SchoolA-level Mathematics
Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School2015SchoolA-level Physics
Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School2015SchoolA-level Biology
Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School2015SchoolA-level Chemistry
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