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Biology: £30 Per Hour ( A-Levels), £25 Per Hour (GCSE/Primary)

Did you know you could be either a kinesthetic, visual, auditory or spatial learner? I learnt after 2 years studying at university that I am a visual learner and utilised the correct resources to develop my ability to learn. The results speak for themselves and I am confident I can develop my tutees to progress in their learning.

Currently I am 24 years old and progressing onto my second degree in life, which is Medicine at Keele University Medical School. I recently graduated from University of Bradford with a First Class Honors in Clinical Sciences. At AS, I achieved ABB in Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry and completed my A levels in 2011, in which I achieved 3 C's in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. I completed my A levels at Drayton Manor High School in London.

I can appreciate that my A-Levels are not very high compared to others, however, I have come a long way from when I was 17 and my ability to study then. I am now an effective independent learner that has grasped the ability to understand what is effective for my learning in order to enhance my academic ability. This can be seen with my first degree, in which I graduated with a First Class Hons. I am able to explore learning styles and develop this with my tutees, ensuring our lessons are maximising their ability to learn and succeed by incorporating the correct behavioural system to learning. I have spent 4 years developing my academic ability, which has paid off immensely, as i am now studying medicine. As an incredibly hard worker with experience in many areas of education and life I feel I can provide invaluable help my students to improve grades and applications, ultimately leading to a brighter future! I understand how hard education can be at times and know this first hand as I am still studying myself. This means I can relate to students better and know your everyday struggles.

My key goal is to make my students not work HARDER, but SMARTER!

I am confident I can help you and look forward to being of assistance to students looking to do well!

** NOTE: I also offer help with personal statements, job applications and interviews. This is mostly related to Medicine as I consider providing help in gaining entry to Medicine my strongest field and have a superb track record in providing admission to medical school. Please refer to my 'Entrance Exams' prices , however these are negotiable based on need so please message me to enquire! **

Tutoring Experience

My 7+ years of teaching experience stems from helping those around me, I am always thought of as an incredibly helpful individual both by friends and family and my hard working nature is often inspiring. I have taught younger students and helped with many science/healthcare related applications in the past after ensuring the grades required have been achieved, I have found that I have had success in this because of the relaxed relationships I form with tutees.

Not only have I worked with students, but I have also been a student representative for two years at university meaning I am used to monitoring progress of individuals and building on experiences and successes. I was also the Vice President of Clinical Sciences Society at the university of Bradford and am also involved in a mentoring scheme meaning in which I help those in the year below me with studies and general life. I also worked at Eureka! The National Children's Museum, which undoubtedly shows I am capable of working with all ages and naturally able to teach.

Aside from this I have also volunteered in a scheme in which I mentored ex-criminals to integrate back in to society through the means of education and employment; this further enhanced my approachability and means I am comfortable with working with all types of individuals.

I've also been heavily involved in Medical applications and interviews and am well versed in the requirements of various medical schools throughout the UK. I've been a mentor for many who have applied to Medicine with outstanding results and hope to continue this for my tutees also.

I am confident I can tailor my approach to suit your needs in order for us to attain the best results.

Tutoring Approach

I am very keen on developing my tutees academic ability through enhancing their learning styles, and so during my time spent tutoring i will note what learning techniques facilitate their learning and incorporate these into our tutor sessions. My approach to tutoring is a relaxed approach. I understand how stressful studying can be and the pressure of achieving high grades is ever mounting with universities and jobs expecting better and better grades day by day. Therefore I feel that a tutor should empower the student and provide confidence and guidance without adding any extra pressure. Through building a friendly relationship and understanding the students needs I am able to use my interpersonal skills alongside my knowledge to provide whatever tuition style the student requires.

I am patient and understanding and will never allow a tutee to feel inadequate in knowledge and am willing to always go out of my way to help regardless of time constraints and other factors, I know that education comes first and my tutee will always have my utmost attention.

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