I am currently working at a comprehensive secondary school in Sutton Coldfield. Before my PGCE in Secondary English, I completed a Master's Degree in English Literature specialising in Modern and Contemporary Fiction at Loughborough University. I undertook this Master's, as I am very enthused by the subject of English Literature.

I am confident and enthusiastic about my subject of English and I see tutoring is an extra opportunity to impart my knowledge of English to others, be it those who are struggling with the subject, or those who simply need a confidence boost.

Tutoring Experience

I currently work at a comprehensive school in Sutton Coldfield and have had thus far six years of teaching experience. In this time, I have taught the full range of key stages, from Key Stage 3-5. At Key Stage 5, I teach English Literature. I am therefore very familiar with the A Level structure of coursework. (I am head of KS5 English Literature as well as Assistant Head of English).

I have built a brilliant working relationship with all of my classes and I enjoy challenging them with different resources and texts. This has enabled me to help a range of pupils at my school, including those who are sometimes behaviourally challenging.

I currently teach three GCSE classes (two Year 10 and one Year 11) and three A Level classes (Year 12 and 13).

My top set Year 10 class' statistics are: 85% of the pupils are on or above their target grade. 30% of the pupils are at least one grade above their target. I have had a focus at school on raising the achievement of boys and 100% of the boys are on or above target. 100% of the pupils are currently on A*-C, with 70% on an A or A*.

My set four Year 10 class' statistics are: 100% are on target with 20% above target. 100% of the pupils in this class are currently on A*-C.

My year 12 class' statistics are: 86% of the pupils are on or above target for their coursework, with 46% above their target grade. 100% of the pupils have achieved A*-C for their coursework.

Last year, my year 12 class statistics were: 93% achieved their target grade overall, including the examination.

Although I believe that results are key in schools, I also believe that pupils should be taught to enhance their creative ability. This is very achievable in English and therefore I teach to ensure that pupils achieve their potential in terms of grades, but also to achieve their creative and independent potential.

Tutoring Approach

I am an organised individual and confident in my subject knowledge. My approach to tutoring is that of structure and organisation. Before each session, I would make sure that I am equipped with knowledge about the tutee's English exam board, as this is vital to understanding what the pupil is experiencing at school. I will then discuss with the pupil their weaknesses and strengths within the subject. This collectively with the knowledge of their exam board, will enable me to determine a structure and plan of how the tutee will progress in our sessions.

I will always encourage the use of past papers and essays, or questions for the subsequent session. This is how I try to personalise learning within my classroom, and therefore is the optimum way for me to understand the tutee and to enable them to progress. It is a model which needs to be adapted to each tutee and therefore my approach of getting to know the tutee is vital; they are the ones who will benefit from this style of personalised learning.

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Newman University2012PGCESecondary English
Loughborough University2011MastersEnglish Literature
Keele University2009BachelorsEnglish Literature and Philosophy
King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School For Girls2006SchoolA Levels

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