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I am a dedicated Educational Consultant(Mathematics Educator) and a Motivational Speaker (DBS CHECKED) with over 3000 hours' experience in using effective learning styles to help students improve self confidence in primary, secondary and higher level mathematics. I have experience delivering lessons in person, through an online classroom and designing courses for home schooled children. I am an Associate Member of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA). I graduated from the University of Southampton with an honours degree in Mathematics and then from the University of Portsmouth with a Post Graduate in Mathematics education(FE) after having an exemplary career in the British Army. I also took an Engineering, Physics and Geophysics Foundation Year course at University Of Southampton. Mathematics, as a subject is very important to me, as we all use it in our day-to-day lives to help us make simple and important decisions (i.e. from buying a pint of milk to buying a car) and that's what makes it a very important subject to learn. I am very polite, patient, friendly and I strongly believe that everyone can do maths with the right help. It is my passion to help students build their confidence and interest in maths.

Lessons are conventionally and nicely delivered in person and being a car driver I am in a well placed position to travel out to hard to reach places by public transport.

Tutoring Fee:
Tutee's tutoring fees does not include travel cost to student's home. If you prefer the lesson in your home, there is an extra charge(petrol cost) of 60p per mile on top of my tutoring fee.

Tutoring Experience

Having worked with gifted and talented children as well as those who have behavioural, emotional and social difficulties I have experience with all abilities and enjoy finding an approach which works for even the most challenging of students.
At the moment I privately tutor students at Southampton University in Mathematics.

Why am I a full-time tutor?
As part of my Mathematics degree and post graduate education course, I undertook several school placements. I had the opportunity to teach students in two different ways. I taught students in the normal medium to large size classes, but I also tutored students individually and in small groups. I found that the approaches and skills needed in each of these two situations were very different.
I found that, overwhelmingly, individual and small group tutoring was more beneficial for the student, as well as being more enjoyable personally. As a result I decided to become a professional tutor.
I am experienced in helping students to overcome exam stress and other barriers to learning.

For special educational needs please ask - I would be delighted to discuss your situation and how I might be able to help.

Tutoring Approach

I am very polite, patient and a friendly tutor.
While being flexible enough to adapt to the needs of each individual, will normally focus on first making sure that a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding is in place, by discussing and attempting problems. Once knowledge and understanding starts to build, the student finds more success in tackling problems.

In my spare time I enjoy travel and over the past few years have visited many exotic locations such as South America, South Africa and West Africa.
Finally, I am a sporty individual and I enjoy watching football and athletic games.

Reviews and References:
These are few of many reviews or references from my tutees.

Written by Simba S
Good and Patient Tutor
I'm a mature Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering student. The maths aspect of my course proved impossible having not done any maths for over 10 years. I was able to overcome this hurdle thanks to Adolf's patient and precise approach. He had to go over the same things numerous times and was happy to do so.
Subject: Maths
Outcome: I'm now in my final year and destined for an Honours Degree.

Written by Samuel R
Enabled me to achieve things I thought were impossible
Adolf has incredible patience and a tutoring style that always puts you at ease. He always finds a way to put things simply and gradually allowing you to understand a new idea without being overwhelmed. Through repetition and his own persistence he invests so much of himself in insuring the success of his students. Adolf really is a remarkable person not just because of his talent for mathematics but because of his natural ability to communicate ideas and motivate through his contagious joy and enthusiasm for the subject. I honestly cannot recommend Adolf highly enough.
Subject: Maths
Outcome: I went from being totally scared and unconfident to achieving great grades at university level. I now have much more confidence in myself and will be forever grateful to Adolf for getting me there.

Written by Desmond A
D Acquah
Subject: Maths Aptitude Test Outcome: PASS ENGINEERING MATHS YEAR 1

Written by Darbaz M
Very good and Patient Tutor
As a Civil Engineer student, I got support from Adolf for Maths at Uni. He is very smart in Maths and he was always able to transfer the knowledge to me. I like his patience during teaching and I am admired by the way he has different ways of explanation.
Highly recommended
Subject: Maths
Outcome: Ongoing Civil Engineer degree and great achievements in Math exams

Written by Amal El h
Made learning maths easy!
Adolf got me through my foundation year, first year and second year maths modules which were part of my Electromechanical Engineering degree at Southampton university. An excellent and patient teacher who can make complex topics easy to understand.
Subject: Maths
Outcome: Passed all my Engineering Mathematics modules and graduated with a First class honours.

Written by John A
Adolf is a maths genius
I had a lot of trouble grasping maths at a level similar to A level mathematics. Adolf was very patient and never gave up on me and tried his best to teach me in the simplest way to solve each problem.
I have benefited vastly from Adolfs help in improving my mathematics abilities and am now working as an engineer.
Once you've been tutored by Adolf you will understand what I mean that Adolf will work hard to help you as much as he possibly can.
Subject: Engineering
Outcome: I am now in full time employment as an engineer and that has been as a partial result of Adolf's tutoring in maths and mechanics

Written by Richard N
Best teacher I ever meet in my entire life
He has control over the subjects he taught me. He is very patience and make time for lazy students to understand the topic for the day. I had challenge with economics but when he was reassigned to be economics lecturer, I past economics and maths with ease. I recommend him for any promotion or duty he may apply for.
Subject: Maths
Outcome: I excel in all the subjects he taught me. He is our overall best teacher of our year

Written by Cynthia M
maths genius
Before I met him I had so much problem with maths but after he taught me, all the problems I had all vanish due to his patient and the command he had over the subject made me to me to understand the subject very well. because of that I was able to pass well
Subject: Maths
Outcome: Help me to pass my maths subject with good grade

Written by Ishmael T
Made learning easy and fun
Adolf was one of the best teachers I met in my senior school level, he made my learn simple as he patiently explains to the class what he teaches. He didn't only teach me maths, he taught me economics and financial accounting as well. He was a teacher who involved he class in teaching and learning activity
Subject: Maths
Outcome: With the help of Adolf, I was able to come out successfully as one of the best students and completed tertiary education and working with one of the hospital in the Eastern region of Ghana as finance

Written by Paul A
A great maths tutor
Adolf is a brilliant tutor. His explanations are clear and very helpful. He is able to teach a large range of maths topics in a reduced amount time without compromising the high quality of the lessons. His knowledge of maths is outstanding and I'm confident to say that my maths knowledge and confidence when solving questions has exponentially increased with his help. I highly recommend him to any student who wants to understand the principles of maths as he is able to break down the most complex problems for anyone to understand.
Subject: Maths
Outcome: i have no more fear for maths

Written by Nikolaos N
Patient, Meticulous & Efficient
I met Adolf at university and other than a great family man and a caring person he is also an excellent tutor. He helped me understand first year mathematics during my studies and helped me numerous times in my following years.
I recommend him to anyone, regardless of education level or ability in maths.
Subject: Maths
Outcome: Sharpened my maths skills, gained confidence, learn to approach complex problems in simple ways

Written by Neo L
great choice!
Adolf is an individual who knows how to bring the best out of you. I know his work over the last years. His love and enthusiasm for mathematics is extraordinary! With no doubt, I would recommend him as a tutor..
Subject: Maths
Outcome: Excellent work!

Written by JAHANZEB L
Makes Maths Fun and Simple
Adolf is great tutor who takes his time to explain complex mathematical concepts. I use to work with Adolf whiles I was doing my masters degree. My mathematics was not strong so I asked Adolf to help me brush up on my mathematics. He took his time to explain topics I use to struggle with way back in School. He made mathematics very simple and fun for me. Adolf taught me all the maths I needed for my masters degree.
Will definitely Recommend Adolf.
Subject: Maths
Outcome: Completed my Masters degree with ease.

Written by Ravi M
I have found adolf really helpul he is really kind at teaching and very knowledgable.
Subject: Physics
Outcome: Excellent

Written by Sameer F
He makes sure I always Understand
Adolf is a really kind man who is currently helping me with my AS mathematics. He is very helpful and he works at the pace that I want to. I always come out of the session learning something new.
Subject: Maths
Outcome: I am now improving in maths and can keep up with the class

LanguagesEnglish (British)
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
References Available On File


University of Southampton2015BachelorsBsc Mathematics
University of Southampton2012OtherEngineering, Physics and Geophysics Foundation Year
University of Portsmouth 2017PGCEPGCE-FE(Masters Level)

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