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New: List your classes and centres
February '15
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Helping families find group tuition

We're delighted to say that as of NOW you can create a separate profile to list your:

  • Group Classes - if you have a tuition business offering, for example, revision short courses or a weekly Maths lesson targeted at a particular age range you can now promote this with us. We know lots of you run Saturday schools alongside your one-to-one tutoring work and we'd like to help you reach a wider audience.
  • Learning Centre - if you have a premises open daily from which you offer a programme of tuition in a group environment we can now help you to promote your centre locally.

As these are distinct listings for those of you who run tuition businesses and not for independent tutors, there is a small charge applicable (it is free for families to contact centres and groups). For details of how to register and get started promoting your course, please click here.

Why we've done this

We want to help you to grow your enterprise by providing a more specialised platform. We've found that:

  • We're receiving a growing volume of enquiries from a different demographic of families looking for short courses and tuition in a group environment.
  • Clients expect a one-to-one tutor to be an independent freelance worker, not a centre. In the latter case, they expect that the business should be paying to advertise.

Accordingly, we've separated out the website and altered our terms to reflect these changes (there are also minor updates to terms for independent tutors). Of course, one-to-one independent tutors continue to list free of charge with us but please edit your tutor profile to reflect one-to-one tuition only if appropriate.

Your feedback would be welcome!

As this is a new service, we'd love your feedback on how easy you found it to sign up, or any views you have about the way the new listings work. Thank you.

Now is the time to book the village hall, or hire that classroom!

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