Newsletter - Tutor Meet Up & Oxbridge Campaign!

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Newsletter - Tutor Meet Up & Oxbridge Campaign!
September '14
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Block bookings trial

Huge thanks to those of you who have signed up to block bookings; so far client feedback is positive. The system has three benefits:

  • A more secure work stream. In our summer trial we found all clients completed their 8 hours of tuition.
  • Better protection for tutors and clients from scams. We've had occasional reports of both tutors asking for advance fees and then changing the arrangement, or of tutors accepting payments by a well known online payment platform and then seeing their payment reversed as a charge back (as well as the old bounced cheque trick). Block bookings solves this.
  • Online tuition. As we accept more online clients, we expect they will want to pay for lessons by debit/credit card.

We've already added a badge to the search listings to show those tutors who accept credit card. As it develops we'll increase the payment frequency.

#goforoxbridge campaign

This term we're running a campaign to encourage more pupils to consider applying to Oxbridge. We're going to be adding interview questions, real applicant stories and data on acceptance statistics to the blog because we really want to see more young people giving it a go. Please support us by:

  • Encouraging those tutees who you think will get As to apply
  • Spreading the word in your education community
  • Sharing our first blog post, which discusses whether a pupil should apply. We're also on Twitter and Facebook.
  • If you went to Oxbridge, please send us your interview questions so we can demystify the process and provide some free mock interview resources on the blog.

Let's change some young lives. Thank you in advance!

Online tutoring

We're now trialling online tutoring as a separate search category (for those of you who have indicated you would like to do online tutoring in your member's area). For now, please just advise clients of how you want to approach it (which platform you'll be using, etc) and we'll match you up as a normal transaction. As requested, you can now add a discount for online tutoring to encourage clients should you wish to do so. We'd also recommend adding your Skype ID to the tutoring details section.

First Tutor Meet Up!

Takes place on Monday 29 September in central London from 11am til 1pm. Tickets are a tenner and there are a handful remaining for sale. Please note no refund at this late stage for cancellations.

How to find work

If you login and go to Marketplace you'll be able to see all enquiries in your local area where the family is open to being contacted by tutors.

Working With Schools

If you know that your school is looking for tutors using Pupil Premium funds, kindly advise them they are welcome to contact us if they need help with the paperwork or advice on how other schools are approaching this matter. Many thanks.

Opting Out of Quick Buy

You can check whether you have opted in to allow families to release your details without prior discussion here. If you have low availability you may wish to switch off this option.

Your Profile is currently switched on

You are appearing in search results as your account is marked as available. Should you become fully booked, you can change this at any time in your member's area. Should you ever wish to delete your account altogether, please contact us.

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