Opportunities, Regulation and Charity

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Opportunities, Regulation and Charity
July '13
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Regulation on the Horizon? Our stance.

As you may have heard, the Centre for Market Reform of Education - a private, non-government entity - is proposing the creation of a tutoring association; a self-regulatory body that would see itself as a 'stamp of approval' for tutors and tuition agencies. This move is being tentatively backed by a handful of the more pricey agencies, but its reception from tutors and parents is uncertain.

We're skeptical. The membership requirements for tutors seem arbitrary and it is unclear whether they will charge tutors or indeed agencies. We feel that the industry - as a meritocracy - is self-regulated. Tutors rise and fall on their skills, and feedback sorts the good from the bad. Plus, we fail to see how more red tape will really benefit tutees and parents. If anything, it will serve to limit their choice.

Ironically, the CMRE is a subsidiary of the Institute of Economic Affairs, a private body that seeks to promote Free Market ideals!

We will keep you updated as this issue develops.

Hope and Charity

At First Tutors, our ethos is centred on a person's right to receive the education they want. Unfortunately, there are elements of our communities who have had this right denied them, either by others or by circumstance.

Now, we want to help empower these people, by giving them the choice of education. By giving them access to private tuition. Target groups we are considering include young carers unable to pursue education, early stage sufferers of dementia and victims of human trafficking.

We are looking for tutors who, in principle, would volunteer to give lessons (either in person or via the net) to these people. Benefits (apart from the obvious humanitarian ones), include a free DBS check, positive charity feedback and a noticeable badge for your profile. Please click here if you're interested. The project is at at a tentative stage depending on interest. Just to be clear at the outset, this would be a non-profit activity on our part.

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