New Arts website launched to help crafts tutors

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New Arts website launched to help crafts tutors
March '09
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Preview new Arts and Craft website
by Anita Moss
We're delighted to announce the launch of our new arts website offering a wider range of arts and crafts related subjects and catering to users seeking one-to-one lessons. This website is open for preview this week to our existing arts and craft tutors so you can explore it, register to attract a wider audience of clients and hopefully give us some feedback on what you feel works and what we should improve!

And more specialist sites too!
by Anita Moss
For those of you with multiple talents we've also launched related websites catering to learners of Business and IT related subjects as well as languages. These will sit alongside our existing websites focused on providing tuition for academic subjects and music. Again, we warmly invite you to explore the sites and would much appreciate your feedback.

What tutees want!
We are fortunate to receive constant feedback from our tutees regarding what they want to see from First Tutors. We've received a warm response to the new tutor photo feature in particular as clients say it helps them feel like they're getting to know a tutor - so don't be shy, upload a photo by logging into your member's area and clicking on 'Profile Picture'!

Who we are
First Tutors is a small business run by two co-founders, Anita Moss and Paul Norman. Much of our business is word of mouth, so if you have views on First Tutors please do contact us, as we always review your feedback.

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