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May Newsletter for Tutors
May '13
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School's In

Are you part of the management for a school who is looking for private tutors to help underperforming pupils? If so, feel free to contact us and discuss your requirements.

Want to Shine a Light? a star! First Tutors is very excited to announce an upcoming video-based project for this summer, which will feature some of you in a starring role in front of the camera. If you teach either Maths or English at primary level, including preparation for the 11 Plus, and you think you have what it takes, upload a short (under 5 min) unlisted vid to YouTube of you explaining a problem or a topic, in whatever way you wish with whatever props you wish, and send the link to! We'll then get in touch.

This is a great opportunity to generate client interest and make a name for yourself!

Read All About It

Tuition has been in the news a lot recently. First Tutors was mentioned in a Guardian article on private tuition in schools, and the sector itself has been critiqued by both the Telegraph and the Guardian: you can read our response to those pieces here.

In other news, we're proud to present another guest blog post, on support for Dyslexic students in the education system, courtesy of Narinda from Algar's Academy. If you have an idea for a blog post, send it via email to and we'll take it from there.

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Happy Customers

Do you have a client who is over the moon with your services and has left outstanding feedback on your profile? If so, email us at to let us know. The both of you will have a chance to be part of a case study, and you will have your profile linked to our blog plus 3 months free premium service as a reward!

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