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April Newsletter for Tutors
April '13
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A Blog's Life

As we promised you in our last newsletter, we're regularly going to be putting new and exciting stuff on the blog for now on. Ever had doubts about exams? Muse on the alternatives with our latest post.

We're also very happy to announce our first guest blog post, by Sam Curran, a trainee Maths teacher, on the importance of Maths in education . So if you've got an idea for a blog post, on an educational topic close to your heart, email social@firsttutors.com and we'll discuss it!

The Genuine Article
We're in the process of creating new advice articles, relevant for both tutors and tutees. Our latest is on Memory, and how to improve it: so if you're having difficulty packing information into your grey matter, learn about how your imagination can create 'memory journeys' here.

Want to be an Affiliate?

Do you have your own website? If so, have you considered becoming an First Tutors Affiliate? This will enable you to make money by placing a small banner ad or link on your site.

If you're interested, email us at social@firsttutors.com.

Happy customers
Do you have a client who is over the moon with your services and has left outstanding feedback on your profile? If so, email us at social@firsttutors.com to let us know. The both of you will have a chance to be part of a case study, and you will have your profile linked to our blog plus 3 months free premium service as a reward!

Thank you

...for liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter!

Please remember...

...to respond to requests. We do not penalise you when you decline requests, but we will if you consistently fail to respond either way.

And as always, we remind you to set your profile to inactive if you'll be unable to tutor for a period of time. We cannot stress enough just how important this is!

First Tutors presents...The Marketplace

We've recently given clients the opportunity to publicise requests in the Marketplace, meaning any tutor can take them up if interested. We will also notify ten people at random when a relevant request is made in their area, mainly to avoid constant email notifications!

This new system will create opportunities for both tutors and clients: everyone wins!

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