March newsletter - New design and Telegraph freebie!

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March newsletter - New design and Telegraph freebie!
March '13
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Looking good!

If you’ve been over to First Tutors recently, you will have seen we’ve a more up-to-date design, which as well as looking smart, should make browsing much easier on phones and iPads. This is part of our new drive to make the site more engaging and dynamic. We’ve revamped the blog, are in the process of developing new advice articles, and are moving to integrate more effectively with social networking platforms. We feel this will give you, the tutors, a deeper engagement with the site, and consequently, your potential clients!

We'd love your feedback on the new design so any comments are welcome please! Or, why not like us on Facebook?

Supporting clients in their learning

Our latest blog post on the academic site discusses The Ethics Of Plagiarism; when tutees ask you to write their coursework for them.

Over on our music website, you can also find wide ranging advice on everything from going beyond the Western tradition when learning music, to choosing an instrument.

We have many more exciting social projects in the pipeline, which will be announced in future newsletters. Watch this space!

Want work?

As you can see, things are getting exciting over at First Tutors. When you’re ready, we’d love to see you again.

Your profile is switched off - if you want work, switch it on.

The Telegraph inspires geographers

Just as the sun finally emerges, The Daily Telegraph has asked us to draw your attention to its Two-part Essential Guide to the Weather, free with the newspaper on 9 & 10 March (this weekend). Introduced by ITV's weather presenter Siân Lloyd and in association with the Met Office, look out for your two free 40-page, colourful guides to cloudspotting, weather forecasting and extreme weather. We thought it might make lessons a touch more interesting, and certainly if this picture is anything to go by, the supplement should be visually stunning.


We now have sites helping families to find tutors in Ireland, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and the USA. If you've emigrated but still enjoy tutoring, try one of these local sites to get started.

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