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Reference Checking
October '12
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Reference Checking

We would like to draw your attention to the 'References' section of your Member's Area. To comply with current legislation for employment agencies we must ask you to please supply two references and pass an online ID check before we can connect you with a client. Don't worry, the process is speedy!

You can supply references now or at the time when you receive your next tuition enquiry but we would recommend doing so as soon as possible to prevent delay when you next wish to accept a tutee request.

We hope that an even more transparent system and further reassurance for parents should attract more families and thus generate more business for you, our tutors!

However, if you do not wish to supply references or continue tutoring with us, please click here and your account will be switched off.

Thank you for your time and cooperation.

How The Process Works

We kindly request the contact details of two professional or character referees. We will e-mail your referees immediately and ask them to complete a short online reference form which will be kept on file and only made available to those tutees who purchase your contact details. Once your references are pending response from the referees you will again be able to accept requests.

The ID check is a quick online form and is available to complete when your references are pending.

The referees' contact details will remain confidential. Obviously, if there is any issue with the references we will contact you.

Too Many Clients?

If you have filled your diary with tutees this academic year, we would ask you to please click here to switch off your profile. You can switch it back on at any time.

Parents react badly when a tutor advertises with us and then declines because he/she is too busy. Too often it means they will not consider another tutor and they take their business elsewhere.

Please work with us by managing your profile actively so that those who actually need work are able to benefit from client enquiries.

International Expansion

Finally, in rare good news for these times, First Tutors has piloted expansion into several overseas markets. We are on the lookout for enterprising agents, so if you know a territory well and think First Tutors would be a good fit the local market, please contact us to get involved.

We've also interviewed with BBC News and TES recently, giving our views on the 11+ and opportunities for tutors respectively.

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