Premium Membership Available!

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Premium Membership Available!
September '12

Premium Membership Available!

As we are entering a busy season in the tutoring calendar, we thought it would be a good time to remind you about the Premium Membership we offer tutors. Benefits include:

  • Fee data: View local and national tuition rates - find out what clients actually pay for a tutor!
  • Tuition demand: View local and national subject demand.
  • Competitor info: Unique, comparative view of the local competition with advice on how to stand out.
  • Profile tweaking: Personalised tips based on your profile statistics to help improve your listings and boost your overall success rate.
  • Many more statistics: Multiple coloured graphs show how many search results you are receiving, which of your subjects provide the most requests, and lots more.

Plus, as an added freebie:

  • Profile spotlight: Your profile will appear in the TOP 3 SEARCH LISTINGS for your subjects and be highlighted to attract viewers' attention.

It's just £7.50 a month for an annual subscription, so why not give it a try? You can also use it on a monthly basis if you prefer! During the busy seasons of the tutoring year it's important that you and your profile stick out in the mind of prospective tutees, and using the features offered by our Premium Membership are amongst the best ways to help you do so!

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