Premium Membership now available!

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Premium Membership now available!
March '12

Premium Membership now available!

We have recently launched our Premium Membership for tutors. Benefits include:

  • Fee data: View local and national tuition rates - find out what clients actually pay for a tutor!
  • Tuition demand: View local and national subject demand.
  • Competitor info: Unique, comparative view of the local competition with advice on how to stand out.
  • Profile tweaking: Personalised tips based on your profile statistics to help improve your listings and boost your overall success rate.
  • Many more statistics: Multiple coloured graphs show how many search results you are receiving, which of your subjects provide the most requests, and lots more.

Plus, as an added freebie:

  • Profile spotlight: Your profile will appear in the TOP 3 SEARCH LISTINGS for your subjects and be highlighted in blue to attract viewers' attention.

It's just £7.50 a month for an annual subscription, so why not give it a try? (You can also use it on a monthly basis if you prefer!). We've just been featured by BBC News and we're approaching the busiest time of year so the best time to act is now!

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