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Your views on First Tutors
May '09
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How can we improve our service?
We're currently reviewing First Tutors with a view to improving our service for users. As a recent user of First Tutors we would very much appreciate your thoughts please on what we can do better. We've created a very short survey (only one page!) accessible here..

More than school subjects...
Did you know we've also launched brand new sites featuring tutors offering their services in Arts, Business, IT, Languages and Music? We've also served tens of thousands of customers through First Tutors: Academic, helping families to find tutors for academic subjects in their local area.

Why you received this newsletter
We've sent you this email because you opted to receive newsletters from us when you registered. If it is no longer the case that you'd like to hear from us, simply change your preferences here and we'll leave you alone :)

Find us on Facebook and Twitter!
Yes, we saw the bandwagon and decided to go ahead and jump on it!.. Our Facebook group can be found here and you can also follow us on Twitter!

Who we are
First Tutors is run by two partners, Anita Moss and Paul Norman (details). Whenever you send us feedback, we're the ones who read it!

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