First Tutors is hiring

First Tutors: I.T.
First Tutors is hiring
July '13

Are you a Web Developer?

First Tutors is looking for a web developer to join our team!

We're looking for an experienced LAMP developer to join our small, friendly team and help us create a diverse selection of new educational products.

Our perfect candidate will be able to work as an integral part of a small team and communicate effectively with both technical and non-technical staff. Candidates must also have a good working knowledge of systems administration (Ubuntu / AWS experience desirable), sensible database design (e.g. load optimisation / vs. normalisation) and general software architecture - because you'll be helping to design products as well as implement / maintain them!

Our current systems are totally bespoke (no off-the-shelf frameworks) and we're likely looking to stay that way, so a good knowledge of OOP (specifically MVC) coding is required. Solid HTML, CSS, JS are also desirable and an appreciation of graphic design / usability would be great too.

If you're interested in a role where you can make a real, visible difference and take ownership of real world systems please send us your CV and a cover letter outlining a little about yourself and why you you'd like to be considered for the job to

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