March Newsletter for Tutors

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March Newsletter for Tutors
March '13
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Looking good!

As you may have noticed, we've recently given First Tutors a more up-to-date design which, as well as looking smart, should make browsing much easier on smartphones and iPads. This is part of our new drive to make the site more engaging and dynamic.

We're in the process of giving the blog a massive re-vamp (latest post on how the internet is changing the way we live here), so check back regularly and watch this space!

We are also moving to integrate more effectively with social networking platforms: we feel this will give you, the tutees, a deeper and more fulfilling engagement with First Tutors.

So why not Like us on Facebook, or give us a mention on Twitter?

We'd love your feedback on the new design so any comments are welcome please!

Updates to the Marketplace

We've recently given clients the opportunity to publicise requests in the Marketplace, meaning any tutor can take them up if interested. We will also notify ten people at random when a relevant request is made in their area, mainly to avoid constant email notifications!

This new system will create opportunities for both tutors and clients: everyone wins!

Guest blogging opportunities

We would like to give tutors the opportunity to get involved in the social life of the site, namely, through guest blogging! So if you have an idea for a blog post (or a vlog!), on anything related to education, don’t hesitate to e-mail us at, and we’ll discuss it.

Thank you

For providing references so quickly. Clients tell us they find these recommendations hugely reassuring. If you haven't added yours yet, please be sure to do so before a client contacts you, to avoid delay.

Free guide to private tuition

We have produced an ebook guide to private tuition, initially as part of a promotion for Telegraph readers; however we’ve decided to make it available for everyone, for free. This guide is relevant for all types of tuition. You can download it here

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