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September '15
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New Studies have revealed that private tuition is more popular than ever. We've put together some tips to help you find the best tutor through First Tutors: I.T..

Choosing A Private Tutor

If you would like to know more about :

  • choosing a tutor
  • the costs of private tuition in the UK by geographical area
  • the relationship between private tuition and the school system
  • tuition in specialist areas, such as music and languages
  • tuition worldwide

Download our free guide to private tuition Here

Entrance Exams

If your child's school doesn't offer assistance with 11 plus preparation, then you might consider hiring an 11 plus tutor to help your child achieve their full potential. However, finding the right 11 plus tutor for your child can be a challenging prospect and that is where First Tutors can help.

We've put together The Definitive Guide to Choosing an 11+ Tutor for Entrance Exams.Whether your child needs assistance with the verbal reasoning, English, maths or non-verbal reasoning aspects of 11 plus revision, a private tutor can work with them and offer advice about good revision techniques and exam technique.

Contacting A Tutor

Step 1: Register as a tutee (it's free!).

Step 2: Read our guidance and use our search engine to find the right tutor for you.

Step 3: Make contact with as many tutors as you wish for free and discuss all tuition needs through our system via your member's area.

Step 4: Once / if you decide to go ahead with a tutor, and they have accepted your request, you can pay the intro fee (£4.99-19.99*) to receive the tutor's details.

If you require any further help in using our service, please contact us via the Support Form. Good luck!
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