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September '15
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New Studies have revealed that private tuition is more popular than ever. We've put together some resources to ensure you don't miss out on valuable leads through First Tutors: I.T..

Entrance Exams

If you specialise in Entrance Exams or are considering teaching the 11+, Why not check out our The Definitive Guide to Choosing an 11+ Tutor for Entrance Exams. We'll show you:

  • What our parents look for in an 11+ tutor
  • The average cost of tuition in your area
  • How to prepare for teaching the 11+ yourself
  • Where to find 11+ exam papers

New Tutees For The New Term

Your Profile
  • Ensure your First Tutors profile is noticed! Your profile is what will attract potential tutees, so emphasise your strong points. Check your spelling and grammar to ensure you create the right impression and give your tutees a sense of personality when writing about your approach to tutoring.
  •  Clients often like to see a face to the name, so don't forget to upload a profile picture.

Local Competition

  • We suggest that you research your area for the local going rate, fees for tutors based in London and the South East are considerably higher than the rest of the country.
  •  Another factor to consider is how much tutoring experience you have and what qualifications you posses if any. Currently there are no specified minimum qualifications needed to become a private tutor but tutors with many years of experience and with high qualifications are often able to charge higher rates.

Client Feedback

  • We factor in feedback score when it comes to our search listings. Improve your average score and profile ranking by asking your clients to leave you feedback on your tuition. You can ask your tutee to leave you feedback via Your Members Area..

We wish you the very best of luck!

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You may have noticed we are now featuring Tutors in our BlogIf you would like to contribute towards our educational topics please email for more information.

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