How to become an information architect

June 14th, 2010 by Emily

We all know what an architect is. They design the buildings that we live, work and play in. But do you know what an information architect is?

Information architecture is a key skill in the world of I.T. Simply put, Information architecture is the process of categorising information into a coherent structure, normally one that the most people can understand quickly, if not intuitively. Accordingly, information architects are the people responsible for this categorisation.

Information architects help to organise I.T. platforms and their information into structures that make them usable, informative and helpful. These I.T. platforms include websites, databases and content management systems (internal web page building packages used by organisations all over the world).

Information architecture is a relatively new field but an increasingly important one. After all, we rely on websites and the other technology around us to tell us what we need to know in a way that's logical, quick and understandable. Having specialised information architects to take ownership of this process means that websites and the like should become even easier to navigate in the future.

There is no set path to becoming an information architect at the moment, with both computing and editorial experts progressing into the role. It's clear that an in-depth understanding of the web, its structures and its technologies is required. If you'd like to become an information architect, then why not enlist one of the specialist trainers from First Tutors: I.T.?

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