6 of the best student apps you need now

by Anita Naik

You don't need us to tell you that apps can make your life easier. So whether you're an undergraduate or working towards GCSEs and A-Levels, here are six of the best student apps you need to help you with your work, revision, organisation and more.

Best for revision - GoConqr

GoConqr is a fantastic revision and learning tool. It has millions of resources on everything from Algebra to Zoology and can help you no matter what topic you are studying. Type in your search terms, and you'll find a vast range of online resources that you can drill down into resources at the level you are after. It also allows you to create your own revision resources such as flashcards, flowcharts, quizzes, mind maps and more.

Best for note-taking - Evernote

The Evernote app helps you focus on what matters to you thanks to its easy to access information pool. You can manually input data and add lists, photos, web pages, audio and work documents. Then access these across all of your devices. Better yet, the app is instantly searchable so it's handy for annotating documents with notes and comments, as well as being able to share with fellow peers.

Best for organising work - Trello

Trello is the best task-tracking app on the market and will make studying that much easier to manage. You can create cards for individual tasks, label functions to place them in order of priority and tick them off as you go.

You can also view boards for each topic area or via a calendar for daily to-dos for ease. Plus, you can share study boards with peers you work with, and they can add comments to the cards, helping you study and work together.

Best for research - Pocket

If you're using various websites and news media to gather, evaluate, and use information, a tool such as Pocket is indispensable for keeping that content organised and available as needed. This app allows you to save articles, and videos from any page of publication. Some people use Pocket to store things they want to read, watch, or listen to later. Others use it to highlight key passages to help them revise. Others explore Pocket's recommendations to find inspiration, challenge their views, and see stories under topics they are studying.

Best for keeping track of work - My Homework App

This free app allows you to: track your classes, homework, tests and assignments and receive homework reminders. Plus it syncs across other platforms and allows you to create homework and revision timetables. Unlike some homework apps, this one is well designed, simple to use, and very useful. It's ideal for those who have multiple classes with assignments, tests, and homework and aren't good at keeping track of them.

Best for lecture notes - Soundnote

Soundnote is a brilliant app for lecture notes. As you listen or take physical notes, it will record whatever is being said and sync to your written notes. Once you're done, you can tap a word, and it will take you to that point in the recording!

In student terms, this is an excellent way to ensure you have caught everything a lecturer/teacher has said especially, if your physical note-taking isn't up to scratch.

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