The Benefits Of Learning Artistic Skills During Uncertain Times

by Cassidy Welling

Over the past year, almost 60% of people have taken the opportunity provided by spending more time at home to TAKE UP A HOBBY, either learning new skills from scratch or rediscovering an old pastime. The visual arts, including painting, sketching and photography, are some of the most popular subjects that people have chosen to study and practice, while looking for distraction from anxiety and boredom. However, as well as simply helping to pass the long hours spent at home, learning new artistic skills has been shown to reduce stress and also improve overall academic achievement in other subject areas. In addition, ONCE SKILLS HAVE BEEN MASTERED with the help of a tutor, they can be turned from a hobby into a business, providing a valuable source of income.

A Way To Make Money

Despite restrictions, many people have found lockdown to be a highly productive time, learning new artistic skills. As some people have lost work, others have seen it as an opportunity to develop their interests and turn their hobbies into a money making enterprise. Last year, 12% MORE NEW SMALL BUSINESSES were created than during the previous year. Even in a creative field such as drawing or photography, setting up a small business should be taken seriously. It is essential to first DEDICATE TIME TO HONING A BUSINESS PLAN if the venture is to succeed in the long-term.

Help With Home Schooling

With the intermittent closure of schools to most pupils, home schooling has become an important feature of family life. Many parents struggling to teach their children have turned to tutors to help them cope and supplement their education. As well as helping children keep up with the traditional academic curriculum, studies have shown that children who also take arts subjects tend to PERFORM BETTER IN SCHOOL. This is because the arts can help to improve communication skills, enhance self-understanding and increase self-confidence. This is particularly important at the moment as, without the usual input and feedback from teachers at school, many students are lacking motivation and losing confidence in their abilities.

A Distraction From Anxiety

With more spare time on their hands, many people have turned to learning a new skill or taking up a hobby. Of those that took up a new and unfamiliar activity, such as painting or photography, over 40% felt their mental health was improved. Studies have shown that engaging in the visual arts is an effective way to manage stress as it can provide distraction from anxiety, improve mood, and even lower heart rate. When absorbing new information, interpreting visual material and thinking creatively, the mind is distracted from anxiety, stress and boredom.

As well as providing welcome distraction from stress and boredom, taking classes in the arts helps to develop useful and practical skills that can enhance all forms of learning. In addition, once skills are consolidated, an artistic hobby could form the basis of a small business, generating a useful stream of income.

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