What Students Need to Know about AI and Machine Learning

by Cassidy Welling

AI and machine learning is set to DRASTICALLY CHANGE OUR WORLD in the coming decades. The potential of advanced learning machines and their ability to shape the way we live our lives is becoming an increasingly important topic for study. While the WORKPLACE CONTINUES TO SHIFT and evolve, the prevalence of technological solutions will continue to develop alongside. If you are a student, now is definitely the time to establish a skillset in AI, as it will likely give you access to a number of different career sectors. Here are some of the industries AI and machine learning are set to make inroads into in the coming years.

Transportation and Automotive Sector

The applications of AI to the transportation and automotive industry are manifold. Automation is set to revolutionise the world of public and private transportation, NOT TO MENTION LONG DISTANCE HAULAGE. Automated taxi and bus drivers will be able to plot routes and avoid collisions in real time, WHICH WILL IMPROVE TRAFFIC FLOW while reducing the numbers of physical drivers on the roads. Similarly in haulage, a driver capable of working 24/7 on predetermined routes that is able to coordinate with traffic systems across the country safely and efficiently would fundamentally alter the landscape of long distance haulage.

Finance Industry

The finance sector will also see many aspects of its operations altered by the implementation of AI and machine learning. Processes from trading and investment to mass audits will be rendered rapidly more efficient by the inclusion of AI which will be able to make hundreds of split second decisions based on ever increasing datasets. Assessing and balancing probability risk is central to the finance industry and, as these technologies have access to ever broadening amounts of data, the calculation of that risk will become much easier with their inclusion. Many investment firms already EMPLOY ALGORITHMIC TRADING SYSTEMS, which are able to make millions of trades in a single day and is set to develop in the years to come.

News and Publishing

Technological advances into news and publishing have also started to see marked developments. Sites like Narrative Science and Automated Insights have been able to sample the massive amounts of news data freely available online and filter it into their own news pieces, summarising topics from diverse sources like real estate development to sporting tournaments. OPINION PIECES WRITTEN BY GPT-3 (Open AI's own Language generator) demonstrate that even creative expression isn't completely out of reach for AI. By pooling the vast amount of writing available these programs are able to assimilate and freely produce their own material based on simple prompts.

These are just a sample of the areas and industries that AI are set to develop in, making it clear that this technology is going to become a major feature of our day-to-day lives. Whatever the industry you're interested in getting involved in as a potential career path, AI and machine learning is a surefire route to success.

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