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Which Extracurricular Activities Should I Choose?

March 22nd, 2018 by Sara Vazquez Shaw

Your extracurricular activities have an influence on your university admissions decisions. Not all after-school activities have the same value; some may increase your odds of acceptance to a particular university, while others may only provide entertainment. If you choose the right clubs, you can show you play a positive part in the school's community. Clubs can also enhance your academic experience and your life beyond it.

It's important to have balance, so consider getting involved with both athletics and charity work. What you choose to do in your extra time speaks volumes about you, beyond the fact that you get good grades.

Explore Freely

If you are in first year, explore several different clubs that may interest you. Cast a wide net; you can always get more selective once you know what you like. Befriend people who feel enthusiastic about the same areas so you can attend club meetings together.

Narrow Your Scope

As your education continues, maintain your focus on fewer activities. If you are involved in too many activities, your commitment to each is likely to be limited. If you invest your time in two activities, don't let them be too similar. Juxtapose student government with ceramic sculpting or athletics with volunteer work in an animal shelter. This can indicate an intriguing range of abilities and interests.

Consider a Paid Job

Once you are in are settled at university, consider finding paid work in your area of interest. Employment is not an extracurricular activity, per say. But a job can instill the values of punctuality and responsibility. Many entry-level jobs involve basic tasks, but you should never complain. Complaining is bound to make a poor impression on your colleagues and employer. If you can't find a job, you may want to start with an internship.

Your extracurricular activities can hone skills for use in university and afterwards, so take your involvement seriously!

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