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What to Bring to an Extra Study Session

March 22nd, 2018 by Sara Vazquez Shaw

Extra help sessions offer students the chance to gain a better understanding of a complex or challenging topic. Whether the latest chapter in algebra has you vexed or you're struggling to understand the symbolism in a book, these supplementary study sessions can help you gain knowledge and confidence. Here's what you should bring with you to get the most out of the opportunity.

Course Basics

Showing up at an extra help session empty-handed is akin to arriving at the beach without a swimsuit or towel. Your books and class notes are "must haves" when it comes to extra help sessions. Having your books and notes handy ensures that you'll be able to quickly point out areas with which you are in need of assistance.

Old Materials

In addition to books and notes, bring along previous exams, papers, and other graded materials. You will likely have the opportunity to review your past mistakes with a professor or teaching assistant. If there is something you didn't understand, flag it for discussion. Failure to bring these items along implies a missed opportunity to learn.

Your Laptop

Your laptop will also come in handy for research and note-taking during the study session. Even if you don't typically bring a laptop to class, it can still be useful. For example, if you need to look something up, help is right at your fingertips.


If you're attending an extra help session, it's because you have some questions or concerns about course material. Prior to the session, spend time reviewing your textbook, notes, and other materials. Jot down questions as you go, and plan to answer these questions during the extra help session. Call on both instructors and fellow classmates to help you through the most difficult concepts.

Ultimately, you get out of extra help sessions what you put into them. Preparation plays a huge role. By bringing along notes and other resources, you can ensure that you'll make the most out of this opportunity.

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