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Top 5 Benefits of Being a Commuter Student

March 26th, 2018 by Christine Chadwick

Although counsellors, admissions representatives, and peers may extol the virtues of "residence life," there are many perks to being a commuter student. If your only choice is commuting to university, don't despair: the positive aspects are rarely discussed. Living at home while attending university can have academic, financial, social, and health benefits.

1. Productive use of on-campus time

Dorm residents have the option of walking a block or two between classes to nap or play video games. Without the convenience of a dorm room a few steps away, commuter students are often forced to use that time to study or research. Distraction-free, uninterrupted time in a library can be surprisingly productive.

2. Getting involved on your own terms

You don't have to live on campus to join clubs or pursue work-study opportunities. Most professors offer some flexibility in their office hours: if you have a conflict, contact your professor and ask to schedule an appointment. Living off-campus means you don't have to deal with the congestion around rush or other events and you don't have to suffer the noise or property damage caused by someone else's over-enthusiastic festivity.

3. Saving money

Campus housing costs and the accompanying food plans are generally inflated. The cost of getting to campus either by a car or public transportation can be less expensive than the expense of living there. The money you save also can give you the means to pursue exciting new opportunities, like studying abroad.

4. More privacy

Commuter students don't have to worry about inflicting their foibles on a computer-assigned roommate. If your attitude toward housekeeping is relaxed, you won't be irritating a potentially neat-freak roommate. If you appreciate orderly surroundings, you don't have to worry about festering piles of laundry on your floor or unauthorised experiments in fungus cultivation in the shared mini-fridge. Also, no one will have to see your signed Nickelback poster or other potentially embarrassing mementos. You can share your quirks on your own schedule, if ever.

5. Removes temptation

It's very easy to hit the sugary cereal in the cafeteria too often, particularly if you discover that the cost-conscious commissary cooks up Grade D meat. Even if the cafeteria does offer healthy menu options, it is easier to control your caloric intake if you're doing your own cooking. Bicycling to campus offers another health advantage. Winter break may bring the smiling awareness that all your clothes still fit.

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