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Five Goals Every Student Should Have

March 24th, 2018 by Grace Dickins

University is a unique life experience. It is a fun time, but it is also filled with responsibilities. There are specific goals you should keep in mind as you work on that balance between academic achievement and a healthy social life.

1. To Maintain Good Grades

A poor degree classification will make future employers think twice. It can make employers question your priorities and self-discipline. Balancing social interaction, work, and studies can be a challenge, but your grades should always be a top priority.

2. To Get Physically Active

You can make friends and strengthen your body by joining a sports team. Your campus may offer everything from water polo to american football. Though it might be a blast to watch and cheer on your classmates, you'll gain much more if you join in.

3. To Get Socially Active

Consider student government or another extracurricular activity. There are student clubs for virtually everything nowadays, and you can have an impact through your participation. Students contributed to the movement against apartheid in the 1980s, and students on hundreds of campuses are now organising against fossil fuels. Additionally, clubs allow you to form relationships and hone your people skills.

4. To Keep a Clear Head

Yes, alcohol plays the role of general social lubricant in our society, but if you overdo it, the consequences are myriad and potentially severe. University may not seem like the best environment in which to learn moderation, but you'll have no shortage of living warnings around you. Limiting consumption guarantees an improved academic performance, relationships, and health.

5. To Expand Horizons

Even if you attend university close to home, there are multiple ways to expand your horizons. Studying abroad can open up your world. If leaving the country isn't an option for you, take advantage of resources on campus to learn a second language. Bilingualism can enhance your job opportunities, as well as your brain health. You can even watch on-campus showings of foreign films.

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