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4 Symptoms of Course Overload

March 28th, 2018 by Sarah Adams

Most university students are taking their course full-time and have the option to choose certain modules. Some students can cope with a great imbalance in the number of modules they take per semester, but it may be necessary to swap these around if it becomes too much. Here's a list of signs that it's time to take on a lighter load.

Poor Grades

If your grades are less than satisfactory to yourself or the college, it's an indication that you might need to scale it back. After all, graduating with a poor degree might not look so good to future employers. And if you don't perform well on one module, it can render you unable to another progress to a more advanced module. Alternatively you might have to retake the module and earn a higher grade. By balancing the module load, you'll have more time to hit the books and get a better grade the first time around.

Study Skills

Packing on too many modules in a semester can stress you out to the point of getting sick. You could wind up getting anxiety attacks, migraines, ulcers and frequent sicknesses, such as reoccurring colds. When you're sick, you're unable to study and complete assignments. Being unable to do what is required not only takes you away from your studies but results in stress. If you're experiencing burnout from your courses and workload, it's time to rethink how many credits to take the next term.

No Time for Recreational Enjoyment

Let's face it; university is not like school. The level of study is more in-depth and requires more time. Professors also have higher expectations than high school teachers, and there's little room to disappoint. If you find that it's all academic work and no play, it's time to take a break from a heavy course load. Enjoying family and friends or enjoying a walk in the park are all part of your physical and mental well-being.

Making Money

Many students take on part-time jobs to help finance their living expenses. As a matter of fact, many can't financially survive without having a job whilst at university. If you're finding that you're not showing up for work or need to cut back your work hours because you've got to study or complete assignments, it's time to think about taking less credits next semester.

So, what's too much of a course load? It is sensible to have as little imbalance between terms as possible, however this is not always possible if the modules you like the sound of mostly seem to sit in one term . If you're considering taking a heavy course load at college, be sure to consider whether or not you are both physically and mentally up to the challenge.

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