Studying on your own

by Sally

Today it's easier than ever to learn and study on your own. There have never been so many resources available since the internet became accessible to everyone worldwide. However, it is also true that it's easy to get carried away with too much information and become frustrated so it's important to research all the help available first in order to not waste time.

If you are confident with your study methods and can organise your time effectively, you are half way there to obtaining the results you need. If on the contrary you feel rather lost as to where or how to begin with your studies, you will be happy to know that some private tutors provide study skills as a subject so a few lessons could prove invaluable

Recognising what learning method is for you is of vital importance if you are studying on your own. Below are just three of the most common learning styles.

Visual imagery

If you know that your learning style is visual you can benefit from several well-known techniques to help memorise material. The method of loci or diagrams and mind maps are examples. SimpleMindFree is a popular mind mapping app that students find useful.

Auditory learning

If mind mapping and drawing aren't for you then perhaps listening and speaking is. If you repeat a phone number out loud and find you are able to memorise the number easily then this method could be perfect for you. Auditory learners may find they need to have background sound to be able to concentrate and memorise. I had a friend who used to listen to Zed Zeppelin when studying (with earphones thankfully!) he claimed it helped him understand and retain information. You will probably need to hear the words so read out loud whenever possible.

We learn


Whatever your learning method or style may be, experts believe that repetition works for everyone. Spaced repetition which involves learning in short bursts over time and testing yourself repeatedly is believed to be far more effective than endless nights of study with little sleep and last minute cramming. Digital flashcards are one of the ways you can incorporate visual and auditory elements., a popular flashcard app that you most certainly will find helpful.

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