£6billion On School Improvements

by Sarah Adams

Nicky Morgan, the Education secretary, and Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister have announced that another 6 billion pounds will be spent on improving schools in England.

The announcement included the second phase of the Priority School Building Programme which will see an additional £2 billion spent on rebuilding and refurbishing schools in England.This second phase will see a further 277 schools either rebuilt or refurbished in addition to the 260 already tackled by the funding scheme, taking the total number of schools benefitting from the programme to 537.

Mr Morgan said: "This announcement is a major step towards ensuring all children no matter what their background and no matter where they live have access to the best possible schools and learn in an environment that gives them the knowledge and skills to succeed in the global race."

Mr Clegg said: "Children can't learn and teachers can't teach in schools that are cold and have leaking roofs."

You can read the full Press Release here.