A Level results are out!

by Dexter Findley

...and the feedback is pouring in! Many congratulations to everyone - we wish you all the best for the future!

Today Isabelle received her A level results and thanks to Huw, she improved her grades from D E at AS to B B at A2 [...] and has been accepted into her first choice university!

I have achieved an A in A Level Spanish thanks to Dean!! He brought me up from a low C to an A, thank you so much for getting me into university!

Emma's help and tutoring improved ability and confidence in my daughter who has now secured a place at her firm offer university.

I've just got my results, A*. Rachel played a huge part in this as I was really struggling to master the exam technique and had an overall D when she started working with me.

I cannot thank Yass enough for all the help he gave me in the the run up to my A level chemistry; I am delighted to have achieved an A grade, which I don't think I could've achieved without his help.

Our son Conor was working at a Grade D in Economis A Level, with two Months or so before his final exams. We employed James to help in improving his grade for re-sits and his final exams. Conor attained a Grade B this morning thanks to James' help and support.

My AS results improved by 2 grades! This would not have been possible without Brian's help.

My daughter was at a C grade for her A level Psychology when she started seeing Helen. She has just received her A level results with at A grade in Psychology and 96% in her final module!

Before Adam started our son was failing in chemistry but by the time of the final exams he was confident and performing at a high level.

Thank you Louisa. M got the grades she wanted but would not have got without your guidance.

My daughter sat her geography unit 2 paper in january where she achieved a high D and wanted a higher grade, with the amazing help from Mr Richards she gained a high A!!

Amram, my friend you are a legend! Both Melissa and Ronald have scored A* in Physics and Mathematics. My whole family is extremely thankful to you.

From a D to an A! Our daughter had been predicted an A at A level in History, but was seriously struggling to achieve her potential. Having received a D in one of her modules, and similar in a retake, her University place looked in jeopardy. Antonia showed her how to develop her exam technique, to plan her answers, and to focus her knowledge effectively during the exam. Today was A level results day, and our daughter has her A in history. The module she'd struggled with, she'd retaken and received 78/80. Antonia's tuition was invaluable.