To all those who received A-level and other exam results - WELL DONE!

by Isa

'...I would highly recommend Greg as a tutor.


Lara's place at Exeter University is now confirmed! Her English grade went up from a B to an A* and her Classics grade went up from a C to a B! A huge thank you, Greg, for all you have done in helping her to achieve this! She is over the moon.' Greg, English tutor.

Just one of the many positive comments we were delighted to receive this morning as students received their grades and thanked the tutors who helped them along the way.

Everyone who has sat through their A-Levels, Highers, or equivalent exams know the feeling that precedes discovering your results, and the elation or sinking disappointment that follows. We would like to send our congratulations to all those who have received their exam results this month, no matter what results were, because whether it was A*'s from top to bottom, or marks that were well below what was expected, you have reached a milestone which should be celebrated, and what really matters now is how you use your marks to get where you want to be in life.

For those who received excellent grades this may have solidified a long awaited place at university, and we wish you luck with the next stage in your academic lives. For the others, why not find inspiration in those who achieved success despite exam marks. Jon Snow, for example - who many will know from the Channel 4 News and a number of other television programs - did not achieve sufficient marks to enter university on his first attempt. It was only after re-taking A levels at college and volunteering for a time in Uganda he was accepted at University.

The recent hike in tuition fees may also have put many off from applying to their first choice university, as the financial commitment is simply too intimidating. For these individuals, why not look abroad? European universities not only often run courses in English, but organisations such as the ERASMUS Programme offer funding to UK students.

Should you have decided university isn't for you the future can still hold many possibilities. Coco Chanel never attended university, but through her own determination and practical skills created a business empire and has become a fashion idol. Karen Brady and Sir Richard Branson also never attended university but are now amongst the most respected business minds in the UK.

So, once again, we extend a big well done to everyone who received their results. We wish you the very best of luck in whatever the future will bring, and all the lessons and challenges life after secondary school may deliver.