Congratulations to GCSE students!

by Sara

Another happy parent this morning wished to thank their tutor Ajmal!

"Henry got a B in his Maths GCSE - thank you so much for all your help - we are over the moon! Would love it if you would come and help Adam this year. Hope you are well. Emma."

Nearly one in four GCSE entries has been awarded an A or an A* grade in results published this morning. This a great news!

Around 750,000 children receive their GCSE results today in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The overall pass rate at grades A* to C has increased to 69.8%, while the percentage getting an A or A* has risen from 22.6% last year to 23.2% this summer.

This year's GCSE results also show an increase in entries for physics, chemistry and biology. Physics is up 16.4%, chemistry 16.2% and biology 14.2%.

Results show the continuing trend for grades in Northern Ireland to be highest, with England second and then Wales.

The gender gap widened yet again. Girls have increased their lead on boys for top grades in GCSEs, 26% of exams taken by girls were given the top grades, while just under 20% of those taken by boys were.

The numbers of pupils taking modern foreign languages continues to fall. Fewer pupils are taking history and geography, with history entries down around 2,700, and geography entries slumping dramatically by 13,800 in one year.

Figures published by the Joint Council for Qualifications suggest that students are starting to return to tough subjects favoured by employers and leading universities - mirroring a trend in last week's A-level results.

For those students who didn't receive such good results, please don't despair! If you are thinking of resitting some of your exams why not consider receiving one to one tuition? Some resits can be taken as early as November or January, with Maths and English being particularly popular subjects to resit, as Cs in both are considered an important benchmark in terms of basic skills.