5 online resources for Citizenship tutors

by Emily

Citizenship is one of the newest subjects on the curriculum but fast becoming one of the most important. An understanding of Citizenship helps pupils to learn about their rights and responsibilities under UK law. Here's our pick of the best online resources to help Citizenship tutors put their students on the right path.

1. Overton Grange School, in Surrey, has a wealth of subject resources on its website for each year group. This page features active Citizenship resources for GCSE pupils.


2. Teaching website Chalkface brings together lesson plans and revision guides, including these GCSE Citizenship revision quizzes.


3. Oxfam has a good range of Citizenship-themed lesson plans and student resources for primary and secondary school pupils with both a national and global focus.


4. The Times Educational Supplement website has lots of free resources including these revision guides for GCSE Short Course Citizenship.


5. Debbie Peskett has put together 25 lesson plans to help tutors teach Citizenship to students in years 7 through 11. They cover a variety of themes organised around the four key concepts of Power, Story, Success and Trust.