5 online resources for Cantonese tutors

by Emily

With China fast becoming one of the world's most dominant economies, it makes sense for tomorrow's business executives to learn its languages, particularly Cantonese. Combine the increasing demand for tuition in Cantonese with the many Chinese students and professionals who live and work in the UK, and it's no wonder the Cantonese tuition industry is thriving! Certainly, there are plenty of Cantonese tutors advertising their services here on First Tutors.

Here's our guide to the best online resources for private tutors of Cantonese to use in their lesson plans:

1. Learn Cantonese does what it says on the tin: this is a great website full of reference sheets and revision aids.


2. So You Want To Learn a Language brings together a wealth of resources for Cantonese students and is a considered introduction to the language.


3. Another site called Learn Cantonese, but this one is Canadian in origin. Cantonese words are grouped by theme and there's lots to here that can be incorporated into lesson plans.


4. Chinese Bay allows learners to listen to key phrases in Cantonese and become familiar with what the language sounds like.


5. First Tutors carries a number of books and resources for Cantonese tutors to utilise.