5 online resources for Law tutors

by Emily

These days, Law is a popular subject at GCSE and A-level - good news for all those budding barristers and lawyers out there. Here is our pick of the best online resources for mini legal eagles and their home tutors.

  1. Barristers aren't all out to get you! In fact, this one, Nik Nicol, has posted up a handy guide to the English legal system for tutors and students on his website - for free! http://www.niknicol.co.uk/page3.html
  2. Help With Law Exams does what it says on the tin: gives you the ins and outs of what to expect at GCSE Law and A-Level Law. A very useful website for Law tutors and students alike. http://www.helpwithlawexams.co.uk/
  3. Learn Law provides online revision resources for students of the subject. You do have to pay but for those determined to pass A-level or University Law with flying colours, it could be money well spent. http://www.learn-law.co.uk/
  4. Sixth Form Law is another no-nonsense site with useful explanations of the legal system along with links to relevant blogs. http://sixthformlaw.info/
  5. Edexcel is one of the leading qualification providers in the UK. Here is their guide to A-level Law, along with some past papers. Practise makes perfect! http://www.edexcel.com/quals/gce/gce-leg/law/Pages/default.aspx

Have you stumbled across any resources that could prove helpful to Law students or their tutors?