No tuition support for A-Level resitters from this summer

by Anita

The Guardian has reported today that students who find themselves needing to resit A-Levels following this summer's results will not necessarily have the benefit of support from their schools. The reason is that the syllabus changed in September and schools will be teaching to the new and not the old syllabuses (1). Jessica Shepherd's article then reports that this may mean students have to bring in private tutors or turn to crammers and continues to explain that parents feel their children should be given support to maximise their chances of attending good universities.

The obvious question this poses from our perspective, is how much tuition support has historically been provided by schools for candidates who resit? What are the experiences of parents and of course the students themselves who find they need to resit in time for January?

And from the teachers among our community, it would be interesting to hear whether you feel a school has a duty to provide private tuition classes and individualised support to resitting students? Is this extending the responsibility for individual results to that of the institution unfairly or, should all schools be seeking to ensure students get the result however many takes are necessary? In pragmatic terms, where does one draw the line where the practicalities of managing many syllabuses are concerned?

(1) For those who enjoy a grammar debate, see Oxford on syllabuses versus syllabi!