First Tutors gives perspective on private tuition via new blog

by Anita

Hello parents, tutors and of course, learners!

This is the inaugural blog post of what we hope will prove to be a very useful resource for you and also an opportunity to debate and feed back your views on:

  • What's happening in private tuition
  • The big stories in the wider education world
  • Our take on resources and events which may interest you
  • What's news at First Tutors
  • Dare we say it, possibly some occasional light humour...

However, blogs aren't meant to be one way conversations, so at the outset, we'd like to know if there's anything in the world of tutoring you'd like to see addressed? Are there any tutors or learners who are itching to make a contribution and need only a platform upon which to share ideas with their fellow teachers or students? If so, we'd love to hear from you.

We are very excited about how this blog can potentially enable us to work with our customers, both tutees and tutors, even more closely. We already welcome feedback about the website and encourage our learner community to feed back about our tutors but here we have an opportunity to enjoy a broader and potentially even richer dialogue.

With thanks for reading this far and indeed, for being our customers,

Anita, co-Founder

P.S. - Whilst I may deeply regret saying this, 10 points to whichever English tutor is first to find and explain a grammatical error within this post! All for the benefit of our English GCSE tutees, of course!